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Yani Apr 2022
Why’d you have to prove
That I was right all along?
Isn’t it too soon for this song
To end abruptly and mock love?
Now, I can’t finish headstrong,
I have nothing from above.
Do let me box you without glove
Or let me hate you a lifelong.
Not reallyyt
Yani Nov 2019
Nothing good ever happens after 2 AM.
You should have gone home,
Poured a glass of wine,
Listened to Ted Mosby
As you watched HIMYM.

You should have refused
That cup of coffee,
Exposing your heart out
In the process of enjoying
Whatever ‘that’ you have.

It’s past two in the morning,
Hug that pillow, go to bed.
Sleep now, peacefully
And rest well my heart.
When the clock struck two, you should have gone to sleep.
Yani Nov 2019
"You have the most expressive eyes," I whispered.
Sigh. I wished you heard it.

I still don't know...
Is it the way your eyes outshine the stars
    whenever you gladly walk me through
    on how your team won a game or two
Or is it the way you lay your soul naked
     to me every time you play a song
     whilst listening, to you I'll doze off so long
That I loved more about you.

I thought I'll never know...
If with the same lens I used to capture you,
     we clicked for a snap second once or twice;
     fragile as we are, have we developed lies?
If the stares during the exchange of wits,
     bear no meaning like a card discarded
     or 1/6 chance of 4 when a thrown dice landed
Will a twisted meaning seem right and wrong at the same time?

"You have the most expressive eyes," you mumbled.

"I love you too."

I cried.
This one is the happy version of eyes. This one's for you my cheeky friend. ☀️
Yani Jun 2019
"And what if I lost my sight..."

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be blind?
Without a sense of sight, will you be left behind?
Would the people around you, to you be so kind?

"And what if you've lost sight of me..."

Do you know how the night feels without the moon?
Without the sun on a happy morning in June?
I don't wanna know the answer, it's just so soon.
Yani Jun 2019
I'd like to tell a story
of the worst tasting shrimp
I've eaten this eternity.

It's hard to separate the shell from its meat,
when they seem to go as one
like those words thrown in that beat.

It gets even harder to swallow,
especially with water draining
out from you in the mellow.
Yani May 2019
A night of drum beating,
maraca shaking and guitar strumming,
who would've thought
that a moment sought
could unveil thousands of possibilities.

The odds in our favor,
without cards on the table,
unstable as it is,
a hope through the night exploded
like jenga blocks stumbled.

With a much wanted polaroid,
comes the 'see you again' likelihood
but take it slow, take it slow;
enjoy the night and each other's sight,
put emotions on hold, don't let it show.

A few selfie and some jokes thrown,
we've explored the streets like its our own;
realized something have grown
yet we say goodbye --
the words we spilled like a mourn.

I can't say its inevitable but free falling unto you is just highly probable.
Plays falling in love at a coffee shop
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