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Ditte Jakobsen Jun 2019
There are times,
when I feel so small.
I know it's stupid,
but I feel so small.
Ditte Jakobsen May 2019
grab my hair
and touch my skin
breathe my air
and let me in
whisper softly in my ear
that I have nothing left to fear
cause time has left
and so has place
just you and me
floating through space
  Apr 2019 Ditte Jakobsen
Jolan Lade
I have found "a me", I have found "a someone" to be
I thought to myself that if this "me" I am right now, is not the "me" I am meant to be, then I don't want to be anyone at all
Ditte Jakobsen Apr 2019
I want you to tell me
about the things that you love
and watch the sparks fly
as your eyes lighten up
Ditte Jakobsen Mar 2019
a disease
it eats me up
and makes me bleed
internally my mind is on repeat
from top to toe to inside my soul
my body aches, I want
to scream, cause
it eats me up
Ditte Jakobsen Mar 2019
dear me in the past.
you are kind of pretty dumb.
all I had to say.
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