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I gave to you the color blue
I drew it from the sky
I picked the flowers of the field;
red roses, yellow daffodils.
I made a lovely palette
with the brightest color-swirl,
And painted you a picture
with the colors of the world.
For me, you took a rainy day,
you handed me the darkest grey,
but told me it was green
Ditte Jakobsen Dec 2020
“I’m not letting go”
You say, with a distant glance
As your fingers slip out
Of my reaching hands
Ditte Jakobsen Dec 2020
Feelings of melancholy
Bittersweet like tangerines
I breathe it in, I soak it up
I let it flow all over me
In a bed of roses and thorns I lay
lustful nights and sunny days
so fondly in my memory
The thorns are sharp
but wounds will heal
The roses smell of orange peel
The freshness fills the pores in my skin
It runs through my veins, makes me glow within
It lifts me up, so I can walk with grace
I think of the future with a smile on my face
Ditte Jakobsen Jun 2019
There are times,
when I feel so small.
I know it's stupid,
but I feel so small.
Ditte Jakobsen May 2019
grab my hair
and touch my skin
breathe my air
and let me in
whisper softly in my ear
that I have nothing left to fear
cause time has left
and so has place
just you and me
floating through space
  Apr 2019 Ditte Jakobsen
Jolan Lade
I have found "a me", I have found "a someone" to be
I thought to myself that if this "me" I am right now, is not the "me" I am meant to be, then I don't want to be anyone at all
Ditte Jakobsen Apr 2019
I want you to tell me
about the things that you love
and watch the sparks fly
as your eyes lighten up
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