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I want you to tell me
about the things that you love
and watch the sparks fly
as your eyes lighten up
a disease
it eats me up
and makes me bleed
internally my mind is on repeat
from top to toe to inside my soul
my body aches, I want
to scream, cause
it eats me up
dear me in the past.
you are kind of pretty dumb.
all I had to say.
they say
my heart is cold
frozen solid
made of stone
they say
i keep it safe
locked away
like it's enslaved

and i said it too.

but then i found Your heat
and by Your touch, my heart was liquified
into a puddle of pure devotion.
and i found that You have got the key
to unlock even the strongest emotions,
the ones that i thought i didn't possess.
once You opened the gates, i knew
that i was no longer in control.
my frozen heart is in the warmth of Your palms
and my wrapped-up love is starting to unfold.

all for You.
all for You
As my mind drifts off
to that place with you and me
my body gets Lighter, my cheeks get Warmer, my smile gets Wider        and my stomach gets a visit
by a thousand Butterflies.
Mirror, mirror
on the wall
why is she not the fairest of them all?
Mirror, mirror
why can't she see
the image of the person she wants to be?
Mirror, mirror
if she closes her eyes
then, will you stop telling her lies?
Mirror, mirror
set her free
and let her know; she's just as she should be.
But mirror, I know, it's not your fault
that I'm the victim of my own
mental assault.
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