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Àŧùl Jul 2020
I do not know how, no I do not.
Some of their poems appear bad.

Some are out of rhyme,
Some are not worth a dime.

I don't know how the legendary poets
Came to be known as legendary...

Perhaps because they had no reference
They had no parallels either
And so, they couldn't read others...

I am writing my 1866th poem
However, I read a lot more of them.

Talk about modern poets,
Some of them presume cussing,
To be good, to be divine
Like the evening wine.
My HP Poem #1866
©Atul Kaushal
Ocean: When you are legendary

Utopia of lost Atlantis
Sunken city asleep
Under pillars of larimars
Plato’s wisdom once bestowed
Untold magic and sacred stones

A surge of madness, whips of rain
Battling down the hull of a boat
From beneath the profound chaos
The Kraken, furious, emerges
The ship is wrecked, turned into dust!

Ocean: When you are awe-ful

A breeze flows, ***** sea gloats!
What a beautiful mess- debris floats
With a quest for vengeance
Opposing swells are relentless
Casting spells on the defenseless

The ocean is endless, it's stupendous
Guarded by deep clouds - tremendous
Dreams drown staring at these clouds
Feels proud, someone from the deep down
A half-asleep Kraken screams loud

Ocean: When you are ritualistic

Fresh and salty energetic waves
Diving the dreamer into a megalopolis
Of scaled goddesses performing a ballet
Invited to a very cruel and festive banquet
Colorful, an aquatic aurora borealis of blood

In which the mythical mermaid sings
Skimming her *******, a pendant of aquamarine
She is Pacific, lustrous and libertine
Her voice enchanting the remotest sea-temple
On the surface, the waters suddenly turned red

Ocean: When you are watery hell

On the horizon, the wide blue yonder scribbled
A storm surge, the dreamer lost urge
Hope purged and dwindled, waves got stained
Silently an atrocious maelstrom wiggled
There the sea-temple stood naked and belittled

Resonating to the sound of an unheard curse
From the inside of the mermaid's purse
An enigma, a blank verse - unfathomable
Making the deep not amicable yet diverse
The ocean is inhabitable still, unnavigable

Written between December 17, 2019 and January 17, 2020
Cc Jordan Rains and cc Appoline Romanens
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
Since then
No two souls
Are the same

In every verses
You exist
I exist
We will continue to
No matter what
Now and always
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: Writing is being
xavier thomas Jan 2020
I strive off struggle & determination to create success.
My craft is so unique, it performs greatness.
My intelligence is sharp
Wisdom is astounding
Through God's gift,
My sacrifice for my love ones change their lives for the better.
But one thing's for sure though...
As I stand out from the crowd,
I am Magnificent
My legacy will forever ♾
Take Note
Ken Pepiton Jul 2019
Blarney, the legend latest learned says

the group of beings minded to destroy manmind

were familiar with a ratio,  a fractal of power
per hap, each hap has this power, y'see

perhaps we agree
to see things from my POV and I'm blind,

like Milton,
or Fannie Crosby
or the "Isn't she beautiful' guy

who has had his warhol-fifteen consumed
I guess,
shoulda carved a stele, eh?

Take m'name down f'm them lights,
carve it care-filled into stone,

soft sand and shell and bone formed stone,
easy to may y'mark

now, bow, touch your brow to this
very stone,
this if I'd known stone

thump thump doh, tah dah
open says a me.
a lie left lying with no gloss to make it shine is just another stumbling stone.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2018
An artist stopped
His once dreamt
Legendary Masterpiece

In order to
Reflect his time
Why it needs to be
Like this

Rest waits
He understands
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Echoes and Reflections, something deep
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
How much is too much,
doing those Emily Dickinson numbers,
almost to #2100,
doing with words what was previously unheard of,

the Andy Warhol of pop poetry,

will continue until even the Atheist Haters believe in me,
I mean if they ever again believe in anything,

I’m on track,
to not look back,
all I’ve gotta do to be great is not die,
or do something stupid and get locked up,
like lose my cool & Triangle Choke out a fool,
just for acting rude,
doest that mean I have a bad attitude,
I don’t know that’s why i’m asking you,

used to have nothing to lose,
now I’ve got nothing to prove,
Game of Life you decide,
pay the price roll the dice win or lose make your move,

I made mine,
by choosing to write these lines,
created my own style & gave it a title,
end every piece where it begins
so the thought’s are complete & the piece comes full circle,
add a few pop culture references & call it Pop Poetry,

& no one known is excluded,
I include more than a few references to saying & names,
my work is an encyclopedia of idioms,
it’s our entire collective Contemporary History literally explained,

& artistically rearranged to keep their attention & entertain,

& I’l write until I write every last thought right outta my brain,

how much is too much,
doing those Emily Dickinson numbers,
almost to #2100,
doing with words what was previously unheard of,

the Andy Warhol of pop poetry…

∆ LaLux ∆

Cali, Colombia

July 2018
Bambi Feb 2018
I don’t want this to be another season’s story,
Hand me “yours” and I’ll hand you “mine”
By heart I promise, you will be the only “mine”
An unbreakable oath that is carved on steel,
A legendary love story that will be on every person's tongue for centuries.
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