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Ashwin Kumar Jan 7
Never is it too late, to love
Even if you have to move
From place to place
Without even setting a base

I may be thirty four years old
But that leaves me not, in the cold
Not to boast, but do I have a heart of gold
And never will I fold
Even when tested beyond my limits
Because I simply don't take ****
Not from anyone, not even family
If you try to mess with me
For you, it's gonna end sadly
Not always, may I be free
But if I happen to love you
Always, will I make time for you

Never is it too late, to love
Especially if you have nothing to lose
Coming to me, I've had a bad marriage
Which has done its share of damage
When it cometh to my mental health
However, fine is my physical health
Not to mention, do I have a good job
And afraid not I'm, to sob
Whenever I hit a rough patch
Because, usually does it end up making me a stronger person
Even If I find not a match
On any of those ******* dating apps
After all, is life full of lessons
For example, never blindly trust Google Maps!
See, I have a decent sense of humour!
So what If I lack glamour?
Sound am I, when it cometh to character
And never have I been a cheater

I may be thirty four years old
But rarely am I bored
Because, do I have the heart of a child
Which can make me wild
From time to time
Never do I give a dime
As to what the society thinks
Sometimes, do I find it difficult to blink
But if you really care for me
You should just let it be
Because it ain't nothing but a quirk
And if I truly care for you
Never will I keep you in the dark
That is love for you

Never is it too late, to love
Especially if you've already been through love
To me, has it happened twice
The first occasion was rather nice
A classic case of unrequited love
Which I can forget not, even now
Because it truly made me happy
Coming to the second occasion
It was something that I'd rather forget in a hurry
Because it brought a lot of tension
To me as well as my family
Not to mention, one of my best friends
My wife was worse than a fiend
Because she pretended to love me madly
While the reality was
That, about me she gave not a ****
Being slippery as moss
Truly was our marriage a sham
However, battle-hardened am I now
And mind not, going slow
Because, never is it too late, to love

Never is it too late, to love
Even if you've been through a lot
Because, as long as your heart is in the right place
Never will love become a race
If you have family and good friends
Eventually will there be an end
To the search for love
Because there will be someone for sure
Of course, hardships you may have to endure
But in the end, you will get there
Do not worry, dear
Surrender yourself to God
Because he'll never leave you in the cold
Finally, even if you get old
Never is it too late, to love!
Poem on my musings about love and time.
Zack Ripley Dec 2020
It's never too late to live.
It's never too late to love.
It's never too late to dream
No matter how impossible
Your dream may seem.
It's never too late to make new friends.
It's never too late to make amends.
It's never too late to forgive.
It's never too late to move on.
It's never too late to sing your song.
It's never too late
To stop smoking or drinking.
It's never too late to try new things.
It's never too late for you.
It's never too late for me.
It's never too late
To be who you want to be.
It's never too late to believe.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
I continued to ask myself:
How do I trust a word?
I’m going out of my mind
This can’t be right

As you spoke in snake tongues gone rogue
There was nothing for you here except my sterile wit and huge imagination

Leading, draining, careful precision like
the stairway to heaven
I was consciously moving choosing creating my future
Playing chess with my emotions
Were yours even human?
Stale bread is the answer

I loved and so I became the greatest to build
I am. Because I trusted Him. When I chose to become an understanding of those learned moments of momentary promise
Severed bliss; Nothingness (emptied)
I Never lost reflection

So just leave me the pail
Water dripping over my skin
I am gratified
There is no longing for longevity anymore
There is only me now
Lacquered with the Spirit of enlightened authenticity

Infused with a Spirit that has woken me up!

For what is spiritual peace but a moment in time that feels so ripe and right with goodness and a kind of high (ness) Power to become One with
The threshold runs deep you see

And so does the knowledge
of limitless humility
with a gratuity of acute consciousness  
Awareness is Power
And I am free
To finally live. I am alive and well
I am.
Consciousness was the biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout this year and a half long experience. I also learned to expand the love I had kept inside for myself which is the most important thing I could have done, and a bit of humor of course. In all brutal honesty, as a woman, when you go through these challenges in any relationship especially with men who have been harmed either physically or emotionally abused which if not most if not always present itself to you in the form of a deeply hurt and neglected individual with a trauma background, you want to identity that immediately through using your intuition and reaching out to a loved one, a mentor, someone you trust, a coach, a therapist, or a good friend who supports your wellness and mental health. Writing this piece and thinking back to who I once projected myself to be as I was going through this challenging time, enabled me to bring out my courage and my self love and respect and even my faith and gratitude in a deeper more meaningful way. Through writing I develop my faith in those who I do want to surround myself with and who want to enhance my life rather than unintentionally or intentionally entangle it in their pain. We all have a story to tell. We must believe we are greater for it. I am greater for it. Say it to yourself. I am. I am one with love. I am powerful beyond measure. I am amazing. I am grateful. I am the best for myself and for who believes the same in me and shows it. Remember that. One must speak to it as they show you the worth that you show yourself each day in all you do.
Zack Ripley Jul 2020
I didn't tell you I loved you
Because I thought that you already knew.
I never told you you meant the world to me
Because I thought it was clear to see.
Or maybe that's just the way I wanted it to be.
But now that you've gone away,
I asked myself if it's too late to tell you these things.
A voice answered back.
"It's never too late."
I cried into the darkness,
Tears dripping on notebook paper,
My reasoning scribbled between calculus,
Roommate snoozing as the clock blinked 1:00.
I pulled myself wearily into bed,
Empty Gatorade and pill bottles littered the floor.
I had not realized
Until after I swallowed
I didn't want to die
SRSanchez Jr Dec 2017
Darkness a void and soft it must be
if only but scared of objects unseen
a fainted dim thought of life beyond me
if were all see through just like glass
can we shatter just as fast
lonely waiting , a retreat from this mask
acceptance, or wanted by others we ask
a curse restrained by me
ripping inside me
broken and hiding
love is a gift
but I wished it didn't find me
now at the edge
sobbing and crying
someone just push me
i'm already dying.
I feel intrigued deeply by the worldy thoughts and desires which drive us as  brethren to turn on our loved ones driving us to hatred amongst society which  harbors a tragic dark aura.
Brianne Rose Jul 2015
One Does Not See What They Have Lost,
Until One Loses All That They Have,
And Realize It Cannot Be Replaced,
No Matter How Rich They May Be,
Or How Much Money They Spend Trying To Replace It.

Love Is Not Bought.
It Is Earned,
Sought After,
And Treasured Above All Else.

Don't Deny And Throw Away What You Have,
Cause By The Time You Realize How Much They Love You...

It Could Already Be Too Late.
It's Never to late to go home and forgive who you love,
to Ask them out one more time,
To Bend down on one knee and ask
"Will You Marry Me?"
But don't wait until their Heart is Stolen by Another,
Or until they're 6 Feet Beneath The Ground

— The End —