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Zack Ripley Jul 22
I didn't tell you I loved you
Because I thought that you already knew.
I never told you you meant the world to me
Because I thought it was clear to see.
Or maybe that's just the way I wanted it to be.
But now that you've gone away,
I asked myself if it's too late to tell you these things.
A voice answered back.
"It's never too late."
I cried into the darkness,
Tears dripping on notebook paper,
My reasoning scribbled between calculus,
Roommate snoozing as the clock blinked 1:00.
I pulled myself wearily into bed,
Empty Gatorade and pill bottles littered the floor.
I had not realized
Until after I swallowed
I didn't want to die
“It is never too late to be what you might have not been.”

© Quote +/-
From the Book © Quote +/-
“It is never too late to be what you might have not been.”
From the Book © Quote +/-
SRSanchez Jr Dec 2017
Darkness a void and soft it must be
if only but scared of objects unseen
a fainted dim thought of life beyond me
if were all see through just like glass
can we shatter just as fast
lonely waiting , a retreat from this mask
acceptance, or wanted by others we ask
a curse restrained by me
ripping inside me
broken and hiding
love is a gift
but I wished it didn't find me
now at the edge
sobbing and crying
someone just push me
i'm already dying.
I feel intrigued deeply by the worldy thoughts and desires which drive us as  brethren to turn on our loved ones driving us to hatred amongst society which  harbors a tragic dark aura.
Brianne Rose Jul 2015
One Does Not See What They Have Lost,
Until One Loses All That They Have,
And Realize It Cannot Be Replaced,
No Matter How Rich They May Be,
Or How Much Money They Spend Trying To Replace It.

Love Is Not Bought.
It Is Earned,
Sought After,
And Treasured Above All Else.

Don't Deny And Throw Away What You Have,
Cause By The Time You Realize How Much They Love You...

It Could Already Be Too Late.
It's Never to late to go home and forgive who you love,
to Ask them out one more time,
To Bend down on one knee and ask
"Will You Marry Me?"
But don't wait until their Heart is Stolen by Another,
Or until they're 6 Feet Beneath The Ground

— The End —