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| I was 12|            | That day |     *
| When I |             | I sobbed |
|Watched|            | Because  |
| The two|            |  I felt so  |  
| Towers |             | Unalike |
|Explode,|            | My peers|
|My mom|            | I was too|
|Shaking,|             | Jealous  |
|Wet face|             | Why not|
|Needing|              | Me God |
|Space to|              |I've been|
|Process,|              | Praying |
|Every tv|              | For an  |
|Lighting|              | Exit to  |
|Up with |              |Save me|
|Fall after|             |For ages,|
|Fall after|             | At least |
| Fall, the|              |My tears|
|Twins in|              | Of envy |
| The sky |              |Kept my |
|No more|              | Secrets  |
[(=======)]              [(=======)]
Secrets ****
arian May 17
i'm sorry but i'm building this wall around me,
so, the monsters can't get you, too.
you'll be safe.
Kesha Apr 6
There was something beautiful
In the way we shattered,
Our hands fell apart
& our hearts grew cold.

Laughter made of paper,
Skies made of gray.

I'll never know
If you loved me
With everything.

I'll never know
If you meant
Every word.

There was something beautiful
In the way the hourglass
Counted every second
We spent apart.

Whispers exchanged in the wind,
Memories locked away.

Grains of sand
Slowly fell

Until our lungs flooded
With each gasp of air

& our hearts were no longer tangled.
s Willow Jan 12
Sounds like a nice word.
It’s really nice when it works.
wish this was easy, but
everything is better on paper.
I try to let friendships sail,
something happeneds and my cannons shoot.
The other ship shoots back.
We try to patch up the wolves, but we keep firing
The water keeps rising.
We sink.
I swim to shore, get a new ship,
And it happens again.
I find one.
We don’t fire.
We drop anchor and in the middle of the dark night,
we drift apart.
The ropes snapped.
I find a Iron ship.
I fire.
Nothing happened.
I fire again, and again.
After enough the ship slowly starts to sink.
It fries back for the first time.
It hits, I start sinking.
My ship still floats but lower.
During this I find a Gold ship.
It’s pretty we stick together.
It fires, and fires a again.
Now I fire, I sink.
I start to swim, the water keeps me afloat.
She pulls me onto the gold ship.
She pushes me off,
the water keeps me afloat.
He pulls me onto the iron ship.
He pushes me off,
the water keeps me afloat.
It’s a circle.
And everytime, I try to swim back I get pulled aboard.
Through it all,
the water keeps me afloat.
It hurts so much to lose someone.
Hot, sharpen knife stabs you right to the chest. It freezes your muscles, burns your breath. Alone, paralyzed, scared.

You don't eat for days, don't sleep for a while. You fade away like a ghost without flame. Pieces of your broken heart turned into ash and left empty hole without any hope.

What was the thing that kept you alive? Nothing stays the same, everything changes. People leave you, the world, things are temporary like the rainbow after rain.

You are here just for the most painful second. And then you will be gone too.
When you can't move nor breath, tears are falling from your eyes, your soul is tearing apart, you're looking right to the eyes of devil.

His smile promises lovely end.
For the moment, it's the best idea.
You close your eyes, whisper weak request as your body falls apart, lying on the ground.

It hurts so much to lose everything.
It breaks you more and more
day after day.
You are left empty, with knowing...

... That you will never be good enough.
#darkness #friends #lies #lost #loneliness #pain #tears
Generating a ring
     of bright waters, which
currently meanders, ponders,
     and then streams - twitch
ching reflexively as flora
     and fauna lap rich
text chard liquid
     timelessly streaming, rippling,

     and quivering pitch
sure risk gully confidently
     babbling, bobbing, bubbling,
     burbling loch a king
     dominating his rill small niche
wade ding in the wings,
     one doth espy, (sans oxbow lake)
     analogous to an err

     river rent sea sunned bay sic
     wide whirled, whetted, webbed itch
perhaps berthed as a ******* creek,
     and/or survivor of a ****
ling, which ordinary
     happenstance attempts
     to anthropomorphize
     life giving resource hitch

ching various synonyms for water,
     where sustenance to biosphere
     can become flushed out
     vis a vis via an ecological glitch
which dry dystopian scenario,
     within the realm
     of human activities circumstance
     leaving most animals plants awash

     bay sic lee lurching,
     gasping, and choking
     within an immense oceanic ditch
availing an alien landscape
     awash with post apocalyptic
     desiccated global cribbage
match, where the losing hand
     would be a real *****,

thus summarily, punctiliously, and merrily
     describes the edifying whirlpool
     life sike ****
where countless marine species will flounder
     (literally like a fish out of water)
     viz deadened ghyll.
Dev May 2018
I...kinda really like you,
I know that I shouldn’t.
You’re not into me,
it’s plain to see
We wouldn’t
Make such a great couple.
We’d constantly bicker and fight
But even still
You know I will
Hold your hands all through the night.
I...kinda really love you,
I have since that very day
I buried it down,
And never made sound,
So that our friendship remained the same.

But what am I to do,
When you hold me like this
With your hand so gently teasing mine.

It feels too serious

Do you feel the same?

I hesitate to hold your hand properly

In case you’re truly leading me on.

Do you feel the same?
It lost its way a little
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