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Goddess Rue Aug 2020
The Sun will falter,
Day turns dark but comes the Moon,
Light shall rise again.
So leave your cuts my dear,
Don't give in to the blades,
Hope for rays of sunlight.
Guntang Jul 2020
dripping paint
from cathedral sky
where swords coax
the dragon's cry
the place
where golden wizards roam
where crimson fairies
have their home
a crystal lake
surrounds a spire
twisted snake
betrothed to fire
creeping vines
caress your tomb
a crumbling rock
‘neath silver moon
forgotten mist
disguised as ghost
leering eternally
toward the coast
wheezing sky
lets pestilence roam
desolate breath
that cuts the bone
crooked gate
of crumbling fort
over deserted court
where every petal
turns to stone
not even tortured souls
dare moan
darkness stalks
the lantern's keep
down the stairs
shall it creep
seeping fast
to catch your tears
knowing the eyes
of a thousand seers
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2020

The day is over
and the world keeps spinning.

Sometimes backwards.

arian May 2019
i'm sorry but i'm building this wall around me,
so, the monsters can't get you, too.
you'll be safe.
s Willow Jan 2019
Sounds like a nice word.
It’s really nice when it works.
wish this was easy, but
everything is better on paper.
I try to let friendships sail,
something happeneds and my cannons shoot.
The other ship shoots back.
We try to patch up the wolves, but we keep firing
The water keeps rising.
We sink.
I swim to shore, get a new ship,
And it happens again.
I find one.
We don’t fire.
We drop anchor and in the middle of the dark night,
we drift apart.
The ropes snapped.
I find a Iron ship.
I fire.
Nothing happened.
I fire again, and again.
After enough the ship slowly starts to sink.
It fries back for the first time.
It hits, I start sinking.
My ship still floats but lower.
During this I find a Gold ship.
It’s pretty we stick together.
It fires, and fires a again.
Now I fire, I sink.
I start to swim, the water keeps me afloat.
She pulls me onto the gold ship.
She pushes me off,
the water keeps me afloat.
He pulls me onto the iron ship.
He pushes me off,
the water keeps me afloat.
It’s a circle.
And everytime, I try to swim back I get pulled aboard.
Through it all,
the water keeps me afloat.
Yuri Dec 2018
It hurts so much to lose someone.
Hot, sharpen knife stabs you right to the chest. It freezes your muscles, burns your breath. Alone, paralyzed, scared.

You don't eat for days, don't sleep for a while. You fade away like a ghost without flame. Pieces of your broken heart turned into ash and left empty hole without any hope.

What was the thing that kept you alive? Nothing stays the same, everything changes. People leave you, the world, things are temporary like the rainbow after rain.

You are here just for the most painful second. And then you will be gone too.
When you can't move nor breath, tears are falling from your eyes, your soul is tearing apart, you're looking right to the eyes of devil.

His smile promises lovely end.
For the moment, it's the best idea.
You close your eyes, whisper weak request as your body falls apart, lying on the ground.

It hurts so much to lose everything.
It breaks you more and more
day after day.
You are left empty, with knowing...

... That you will never be good enough.
#darkness #friends #lies #lost #loneliness #pain #tears
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