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starstrike Jan 6
I crave self destruction
I crave bleeding veins
And sleepless nights spent in a fit of craze
Mascara smeared
And fresh white scars
Like a flag
Betray the heart

I crave desperation
I crave a hollowed syringe
And the feeling in your stomach standing on the edge of a bridge
One false move
One small slip
And there you go
Lost to the abyss

I crave contamination
I crave a stranger’s touch
And crave to readily welcome just as much
Both in romance and rivalry
Biting lips
Or clashing fists
Teeth sinking into skin
Tongues grazing wrists

I crave pain
I crave adrenaline
Knowing the mistress, Danger
Making love to her
But I can’t seem to find her here
So I search in the bottles
I search with my knuckles against the walls
With metal on my thighs
And poisonous, addicting, burning lies

I crave
And I search
And I crave
And I search
And I climb and climb
And ride the high
Of flirting with Danger
My, oh my
But it’s been a while now since she’s flipped my switch
‘Careful, now,’ she whispers
And at last I lose my grip
starstrike Dec 2020
He called her
And her heart melted
Like iron in a forge
His to be melded
And held
Close to his person
His secret weapon
starstrike Jul 2020
and for a moment
just a moment
everything stands still but me

and for a moment
just a moment
the world is mine entirely
starstrike Jul 2020
terrestrial minds suffocate in the clouds
Logic and Rationale scream out loud
consuming the oxygen needed to live and die
leaving none for those with galaxies in their eyes.

Atmosphere pressures all to conform
and crushes all that stray from the norm.
These are conditions where land lubbers thrive
and star chasers are crippled by society’s vice.
starstrike Jul 2020
I know
I know
Within my heart
That I
To the Stars
starstrike Jul 2020
Cowardice grips me tight
and guides me in all the wrong directions-
like a puppet I go where it wants
I flee from Commitment, from Growth
and float aimlessly in pools of despair
created as a byproduct of Cowardice’s actions

there are times where Bravery finds me
floating by solemnly, head barley above water-
it releases me from my shackles
and in those times I remember how to swim
I remember how to command my own limbs
and I emerge and I stand, to face down Fear

but inevitably
Cowardice finds me once more
and when I blink the chains return
and it pulls me in all the wrong directions
leaving me craving Bravery’s warmth
just out of reach now, I grasp for it over and over
but I-
I just
starstrike Feb 2020
I remember it was an ordinary day
the sun blanketed our town in warmth and the cool breeze dancing though our hair reminded us of many a time long ago spent together exploring the depths of causal conversation.
I remember my heart was content in its throne room next to you, who had carved away my castle walls over six long years.
You, who had shown me the joy of opening the doors to new seasons and stepping outside to bask in the glorious sun I became accustomed to.
It was a wonderfully ordinary day when you whispered poison into my ear and I remember how the clouds blotted the light away and the world grew colder and your words, like shards of ice, shattered a companionship six years strong and I remember how my bones ached as though I’d aged twenty years in a day as I alone stacked up the stones of my castle walls once more.
Inspired by the memory poem I Remember by Anne Sexton
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