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starstrike Feb 17
I remember it was an ordinary day
the sun blanketed our town in warmth and the cool breeze dancing though our hair reminded us of many a time long ago spent together exploring the depths of causal conversation.
I remember my heart was content in its throne room next to you, who had carved away my castle walls over six long years.
You, who had shown me the joy of opening the doors to new seasons and stepping outside to bask in the glorious sun I became accustomed to.
It was a wonderfully ordinary day when you whispered poison into my ear and I remember how the clouds blotted the light away and the world grew colder and your words, like shards of ice, shattered a companionship six years strong and I remember how my bones ached as though I’d aged twenty years in a day as I alone stacked up the stones of my castle walls once more.
Inspired by the memory poem I Remember by Anne Sexton
starstrike Apr 2019
Only the stars can save me now
Grant me the honor of no gravity
Let me float away in space
Away from the world


Make me one with the cosmos
Space dust coalescing
Stars birthing and dying
In simple, silent majesty
And vehement violence
If it can even be called violence
without malicious intent coined by **** sapiens brains
For into the void there is nothing

Sweet, sweet nothing

No society
No expectations
No humanly constructs

It just is
Or it isn’t

What a concept
starstrike Apr 2019
Are you okay, you ask
and I say that I am
though I haven’t been “okay” for years

I can’t decide what’s worse:
how okay I am not,
or that you looked into my eyes
and believed I was telling the truth

I can’t cry for help
as I fall into the abyss
so I cannot expect you to save me
but here I am anyway
hoping you might catch me

You don’t
and I find rock bottom,
let the darkness encase me
I cannot blame you, this is on me

If I had leapt a little further
perhaps I could have caught myself
but it is too late now
starstrike Apr 2019
Fire and brimstone.
Smoke, ravaging sweet oxygen, clouding eyes, suffocating lungs.
And there you stand in the middle of it all.
Eyes ablaze, a grin that could drop a king to his knees.
There’s something else in you:
A liveliness I’ve never seen before.

All at once there is dark.
Then, light.
And you, a shimmering ethereal figure:
A pinpoint, billowing out to encompass all.
Rebirth is the only word I have for it.
I stare, because what else is there to do?

Who are you? A Queen?


No, my dear, I am a God.
starstrike Apr 2019
I am an asteroid
Stunned by the effects of your gravity
I lose myself in your atmosphere
But you hardly notice as I crash and burn
starstrike Mar 2019
Forget you
I have to
Six years and nothing to show
but singeing cold
and Melancholy’s sweet glow

Forget you
I have to
Six years of arduous arguments
and confidence sold?
Yeah, good riddance

Forget you
I have to
Six years of-
of cosmic conversation
undulating revelations

Six years of-
of seismic adventure
prismatic music creation
both of us our best contender
learning to wake from the world’s sedation

Don’t go
Six years carved my soul...
But alas, that didn’t matter
****! Clouds shattered

You forgot me without error
But forget you?
I could never
starstrike Mar 2019
Peace and prosperity paint the walls of this establishment
Walls, which are garnished by explicitly, intricately ornate designs
That flow from the doors to the bannisters
And frame the inner workings of its soul.

But more to the picture there is than the pretty images within the framing
Hidden beneath the green meant to be so calming
If you listen carefully-
I mean very carefully
You will hear the quiet screaming.

The darkness that envelopes the world entirely
Has crept into the crevices of those ornate designs
All hell rages vehemently
while the workers paint it over religiously
that calming shade of green that whispers the illusion
"everything's fine".
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