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Chiquita Nov 2019
If you're suffering from mental health issues
Know that you are not alone.
If you woke up today and reading this right now
I am extremely proud of you.
It takes only the bravest of heart
To put up with all this crap.
You are still fighting the war in your head
And very soon you'll win, my love.
If you just hang on a little longer
Those demons will get tired of hurting you and let go.
You might feel like you are buried
and everything in life seems hopeless.
But I tell you there is hope.
Everything in life is temporary.
Seeds have to be buried for flowers to grow.
Don't be ashamed, love.
Mental illness is not a disgrace.
It's a sign of strength of how far you've come.
Ask for help, don't feel bad.
The more you talk about it,
The better you will feel.
Trust me it does.
Learn to love yourself, that's the first step to get out of depression.
Look into the mirror and see the beauty you possess within.
The gems behind all the scars and skin.
You have to understand that depression is only a illusion.
The more you feed it the more it grows.
Unless you value and take care of yourself
Only then can you **** the monsters in your head.
I know it's not easy but nothing good comes easy.
You need to look into the mirror
Love the person you see.
You have been through so much and here you are,
Be proud of that.
Know that you are loved
And learn to love you.
Make peace with your loneliness.
Be proud of everything you do,
Even if it's just breathing.
Be proud of you.
Baby steps, my love.
You got this. I know you do.....
If you need anyone to talk too. Someone not to judge you. A listener. I'm here. Just dm me.

— The End —