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Michael Oct 2018
I see them watching me,
All eyes aimed at my life,
Everyone trying to see,
Waiting for me to trip or stumble.
I may fall, I may fail,
But no matter what I will pick myself up,
I will restart my game,
So I can try again.
No giving up for me,
Surely this you can see?
I will always push forward,
That’s the only way I know how to be.
Life is hard,
That’s a fact,
A truth for us all.
So worry about your own life,
Rather than waiting for me to fall.
Just been thinking about all the people who spend their time waiting for me to mess up and are completely ignorant of their own shortcomings
Arke Sep 2018
my heart is wire and sinew
processing speeds and generated power
a motherboard that beats, beats, beats
you're a human, but baby,
I'm a machine

I'll keep powered until the day
my software is outdated
my ram slows down
the blue screen of death flickers
where I never reboot again

trade me in for a newer model
my feelings are connected to electricity
I've already processed my own abandonment
and have already grieved your absence
in a million different codes of binary

I remember your hands on my keys
you pushed all of my buttons
knew every function inside and out
you turned me on and kept me going
you are the spark that ran my code

but now, despite my own wishes
I'm made to keep running
I'll whirl and click and buzz and work
and for a moment, I nearly believed
that a machine could feel love
Rowan Ayman Aug 2018
A shine as true as the stars,
Sparked in their eyes,
Heart beats strikes and echoes,
To as far as they will to dream,
Their voices turned to melodies,
Melodies of a gripping scene,
Their feet took them to places,
Places they’ve never seen,
All along they see it clear,
Wide awake or deep asleep,
Belief lingers despite the storms,
Serenity is devoted to their hearts,
Revival of ushering passion,
Dreamers with lively souls,
Will always inspire tracks,
Run,walk,or crawl,
Just keep the passion lit and safe.
Rowan Ayman Aug 2018
I hate how reality can destroy dreams
I hate how fiction can’t be real
Ask my hopes
Why don’t they shine
******* with ropes
Of risks and fears
Talents became tales
Said in a date talk
Impressed,we are
By someone who dumbed reality
Without further harm
We plan our lives like
It’s an airport
So technical with no artistic design
And our planes rarely fly
Rowan Ayman Jul 2018
I dreamt that they all left me in a dark night,
Tears were crawling down my cheeks,
Cold was freezing up my heart,
Wind was flying my thoughts in circles infront of my swollen watery  eyes ,
I thought happiness was finally lingered in my life,
I found out that it was waning once more,
Waving from behind those bushy trees,
I heard my peace starting to rumble,
I felt my eyes going lifeless,
I dash for happiness,
Like an addict who scurries to be drugged,
Turned out that it doesn’t always have to be in the same shape,
So places,people and old routines can’t make the pills,
for the ingredients always change.
Rowan Ayman Jul 2018
My hands tremble with fear
When I’m asked “what are your future plans”
But I manage not to ramble,
They can tell I’m a success

Guiltily speaking, I lie
Humbly speaking, I’m lost
Confusingly enough, I wander
Frankly speaking, it’s intriguing

I hope my life won’t deviate
Towards the boring track
I hope I always get
The space to fill my lungs
With peace,contentment , and lively air
I honestly don’t know where I wanna go ,
Or what I wanna do with my life
Does anyone know already?
K N Brown Jul 2018
she was petrified


and she still faced her demons

like she breathed air--

not with ease,

not with tranquility,

not because she wanted to--

because she had to
nawke Jun 2018
When dreams turn to dust, we vacuum
If it's made robust, enter the back room
Turn to distrust, it will ditch us into a drab
So sprinkle stardust to make it dream-like fab
Lost the wits, but never call it quits. Life will never omit where you sit.
[email protected]
D A W N Jun 2018
ive always envied you
in stormy days like these
youd hold the umbrella
and wait for the sun to comeback
whose patience empowers the unforgiving storm
its back to school ffs
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