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I have this love you crave for and it’s embedded on my lips, come taste it.
And there she was
Through all the hurt
Your smile
         is a slight breeze
                     on a beautiful,
                             sunny, summer day.

                                                             But oh,
                                                                    your mind
                                                                                  is much,
                                                                                        much more.
Time is a precious thing. So while we are here now while we still have time. I’m getting on my knees begging for you to be mine.
Tierramxrie Apr 10
Let me ask you something
Do you have the capacity
To love me?
Do you have the will to
Love me the way I need
To be loved?
If I give you all of me
Will you take it and hold on
To it as if it was the last
Thing you needed on earth?
When I feel like the world is
Against me and life gets
Way too hard and I feel
Like I’m on the verge of
Giving up will you still
Love me? Will you still choose
Me? Are you able to love me
Ruthlessly? Are you able to
Love me unconditionally?
If you see me deeply reaching
Out for you will you reach back?
Feel like my love may be too deep
For you I can love without hesitation
I’m thinking these questions because
I’m Looking at you and I can see the hesitation
And I can slowly see you leaving
Tierramxrie Apr 10
Take good care of my heart
Protect it
Nurture it
Love it
Tierramxrie Apr 8
Understand that silence is actually loud.
A woman’s silence is very deafening.
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