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Delyla Nunez Sep 9
I drink because,
You’re still around.
The both of you.
The three of you now.
Endless cycles with one.
Another dead.
The third who’s righteous.
Corpse, betrayer, a finder.
This life.
Delyla Nunez Aug 30
Missing you is like a disease,
Sickened at the thought of you gone.
I am weak to you,
No one compares to you.
Delyla Nunez Aug 29
You made me complete,
You held my hand once more,
Put hands on my body like nothing before.
Yet you are now gone
There’s nothing left for us now.
I got lost again..
Delyla Nunez Aug 20
It’s what I deserve.
The hurt, false words,
Every word.
Thus my punishment,
My karma.
Forever lost now that I did what I did,
Missing and wishing.
Yet I am the burden,
No matter what I do and try.
I am the wrong.
Delyla Nunez Aug 19
Here you stand.
With the grace of the devil,
You put your arms around.
Peace yet vulnerability,
Wrapping your hands around my heart.
You keep me sane yet insane,
I cry and you come to my aid.
Truly mesmerized by your darkness,
Exploding into a tremendous universe.
Just for two.
Delyla Nunez Aug 18
You promised you wouldn’t leave!
You told me you could.
You were right,
I lost two,
And then it became three.
Delyla Nunez Aug 16
I’ve tried being the good and bad guy,
My open heart ready to face anything my way.
My safety net is out so it’s okay to fall.
That is till you cut my nets,
Ripping my beautiful heart into nothing.
Left with nothing but hurt and betrayal.
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