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Suffocating me
Will not let me breathe
Can't sit straight
Or feel the pain
My tired eyes
Barely opening
Can't see the world
The lights are blinding me
Can't I just shut this off
Save it for another time
Maybe I'll feel more right
But the clock ticks tocks
And my brain sky rockets
So alarming,
What happens next
Then after that
Someone tell me
I'm too broken to react
Gina Mosxa Apr 11
Metal on my skin,
Cold, against the warm crimson
Is euphoria
Gina Mosxa Mar 1
Breathe in, breathe out
You say your clock  is running out
Steadfast, don't shout
Even though you're falling down

Breathe out, breathe in
Aren't you ready to begin?
One step, then two
Now skip back a few
Stumble hard, just start anew

Just breathe
I'm begging you, please
Please breathe
Gina Mosxa Nov 2020
Tear me open
Break me down
Lie with confidence
Wear me out

Tell me a story I have not heard
Bet I'll wither with every word
Drag it out, don't let me know
If it's not obvious, I'll let it go
Oh it's so easy, to fool me
Someday I'll be overthrown

Convince me that I'm insane
Something's gone wrong with my brain
Fill me up with hormones
While you stay just the same
But that never even happened anyway...
Gina Mosxa May 2020
I always wondered
How far I could go
If I ran and left home
How much could I take
Before I would break..

Now I always wander
Keep drifting further
Away from that place
Without the pain
Eclipsing me..

I'm floating along with the sea
The water enveloping me
I trust that she knows the way
As I fall apart under her waves
Gina Mosxa Mar 2020
Maybe there is no one to blame
Perhaps your feelings have no name
Dear it might be you that you fear
Everything is changing, you're desperate to adhere
But someday the walls will fall apart
It was decided from the very start
Nothing lasts forever, love
Not unless you try far and above
And even then, it is still unknown
Because our lives are not cast in stone
There will be hazards, breaks and floods
And in the end, those scars are what create us
Who knows
Gina Mosxa Mar 2020
The birds will fly away
Every winter
And come back to their perch in the spring
But they aren't coming back to you
They're coming back for the seed.
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