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Gina Mosxa Nov 2019
You feed the beast his daily bread
And wish him well, to hold high his head

But you don't care of his emotional state
You're simply doing what you must
To be sure you're not
The next on his plate.
Gina Mosxa Apr 2019
I'm such a mess
I must confess
I spilled the cherries
On my dress
Poured everywhere
So crimson red
And sickly sweet
Splashed on my arms
Down to my knees
What can I do
It's drowning me
Oh help me please;

Wait nevermind
It's kind of nice
Maybe I'll stay
I'm sure it's fine
I shouldn't whine
These times are mine
My dress might stain
But the pain will fade
This memory
Won't be so grey
I'm sure, someday
I'll softly think
"It's been a while"
So for now
I'll sink
Gina Mosxa Feb 2019
Death would be too kind
See there's a special place
A certain hell for kids like you and I
Genies, or maybe genius
It doesn't exist, we can't fake it
And once again I can't explain..
You just can't take it
No matter how many ways I
Try to tell you the facts,
I was just changing masks
A new day, a new face,
You never even tried, It felt like
Never even cared to look past
To find what was underneath
And it's taken me captive, so long ago
Can't remember How long I've been gone
Still you believed in whatever you saw
I knew, but just couldn't prove you wrong
So I tore myself apart
Dug to the deepest trenches of this tattered heart
I broke all of the masks,
Untied every knot in my cluttered mind
Only to find
There was nothing inside.
Gina Mosxa Jan 2019
Who were you then, I wonder still
A quiet boy with a twisted world view
While always looking down,
Somehow you showed us all the sky..
Refused to take your own advice
Then killed yourself so many times

He was a man of very few words
Sat next to the loudest boy you'd ever heard
They did everything together
Swore it'd never end..
One day, he told us, the loud boy died
He swore to me the doctors tried
I wonder, just who was he then?

Where was she when we needed her
The perfect girl, in our impure world
Everybody's friend and confidante,
She even sewed your brother's broken heart
Still, as soon as we knew her
She was just as quick then to depart

Peas and pods, they're all the same
People, peasants, God's to blame
You're a fraud
You're a fraud
I know I know I know
Every word you spoke
Candied lies and bitter truths
But you numbed the pain, oh the pain..
How come you show up every time it rains...
For Jordan... You will always be the sweetest, bitter mystery..
Gina Mosxa Jul 2018
So sorry, sis
Yes I know that I'm worthless
I was never one for politics,
Still I heard all your verses.
I'm Pointless and Lazy
At least I'm not Drugged up and Hazy
So slowly fading, I guess that I'm crazy

But I never fought back
Always felt I wasn't worth that
Think I should leave,
You scream, I'm living the dream
I do 'nothing' all day while you drown in your sleep
I'm just waiting for your fictitious apology
"So sorry, Gin, You didn't know how much we loved you
You were so wonderful, after all that we been through"

Though it'll be too late, I'm too far Gone,
No one could save me, not even your God
Maybe you'll feel regret, because that's all I've ever caused
So sorry to do it again,
But I guess to you, that's all I really was.
Gina Mosxa Jul 2018
Every word you write
Is poetry.
Beautiful and full of life

I wish we had more time to speak
Because I wonder
If you'd ever share such words
With me.

Sometimes I feel you're like a ghost
Only seen when you wish to be
So most often, I'm a lonely host
Just wishing to be haunted

I yearn the days we dreamed of
Yet I fear them all the same

Because I dream alone now
And in that, I spend my days
Gina Mosxa Jan 2017
You keep looking for
reasons to be angry
I've tried and failed
To see a reason why..

Oh but maybe, eventually
it'll all pay off
your woes will be heard,
your angst will be cured
And everything will be perfect
and maybe you'll
finally be happy
But of course then
you'll surely still find
something awful
Itching at the back of your
Poor, worrisome, innocent
And then it starts again...
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