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JaiLyhn Grey
dallas, tx    Bad Faith
Jennifer JaiLyn
Tahoe, Ca    There's nothing really to know about me. I'm you're typical girl with typical mental problems.


Joz  Apr 2016
Jail of Love
Joz Apr 2016
It feels like I'm in the jail
Let's call it a jail of love
When you love somebody
But you are nobody

One, two, three girls passed by
But you are still in the jail
The door is widely open
But you just ain't going nowhere

I still remember this jail
As a beautiful haven for two of us
We used to stay in that haven
But time changed it into a jail

You went out and found a new haven
The new buddies that you love
Those who can make you happy
But me, I'm still in our haven

You said you loved me
But you are just too tired to get along again
You said you loved me
But your love is not for me

I'm stuck in this jail
I asked you to go out and find another haven
But you said no
I'm stuck in this opened-jail

Don't pity me
Hey somebody, but I hope she is you again
Take me out from this jail
Let's build the new one, the better one

I still love you but...
*you don't
I wish you still do
Afrodita Nestor Mar 2014
I am in jail in my own skin
Locked up inside, deep within

I am lonely and I am lost
Feeling like a strolling ghost

Flying around with no aim
Like a missing soul without a name

I am in jail in my own body
It’s not mine it’s too gaudy

Going around and around
Before getting drowned

Going up and away
‘till the end of the day

I am in jail in my own mind
Paying debts being fined

For being afraid of being me
For having eyes which could see

The smallest spark to make a change
To get far away out of the range

I am in jail in my self-esteem
I could cry, I could scream

I’m in jail in your careless heart
Making me fall apart

I am in jail with a blissful dream
Trying each day to get through the steam

I am in jail but I have an answer
To **** this feeling, prevent the cancer

I am in jail but I have a solution
I am starting today a new revolution
Copyright Afrodita Nestor
Alyssa Beddoe Aug 2012
Breaking in to jail
I read an article in the newspaper
About this women that tried
To break in to jail…
The paper said she was
Intoxicated and was arrested
For braking in to jail
So in the end she ended
Up ware she wanted to

But I don't believe she was
Intoxicated at all
I believe she felt it was
Her only safe place to be
That the world was her jail
She was sick of all the
Judgmental looks of her

She was tired of taking
The physical abuse
From her family
She was tired of being
Abandoned from her
So called friends
That her tiny confided
Jail cell was the
Busy booming streets
Of downtown.

When she tried to break
Into jail
She was really trying
To escape her jail
And in the end she made
It and that's all that
Really matters.