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mary liles May 12
i look at you
you look at me
i have never felt more alive
mary liles May 8
my wish came true
i think to myself as i look at you
you're staring out the window
but i know you feel it too
mary liles Feb 23
I may have two left feet
And always miss the beat,
But you’ve got two right feet,
So I think that makes us
Quite complete
mary liles Feb 16
Our garden was bare til you came,
And its sad land was suddenly filled
With life and light, and happiness through,
You pushed away the chill.

The day you showed was wondrous,
As a little green sprout you took your place,
And fought the weeds that tried
To choke your beauty and grace.

The clouds had been dreary,
The sky too grey and dull,
But when you came things took a turn,
And suddenly our lives were full!

The sun broke through and oh!-
Little rose, you grew and grew!
But now the sun is gone,
And so are you.
mary liles Feb 14
love was never so terrifying
til i met you

cause i never realized
how much i needed it

and now i cant let go
cingulomania: a strong desire to hold someone in your arms
mary liles Jan 31
i feel like a star
in a galaxy of darkness

let me fly
and never come down

because the gravity
of the pain
hurts too much
mary liles Jan 17
I'm like a butterfly in your grasp
Too weak to move
Too frail to live

I'm scared
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