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ava Dec 2019
Hands lay flush against my head,
their Fingers pale,
gripping tight on the smallĀ unripened fruit,
slowly Climbing up and down my skin
poking and caressing my lungs as it speaks
giving me burns of varying degrees,
you twist and they turn the colour of red, purple and blue
the only thing holding the blistering skin together
are stitches that haven't yet given,
my blood is forming slowly
it dribbles down like spittle
and as it clots you split
digging your fingers inside my flesh
and I am infatuated
head lolling
eyes shivering
bones sore
as if they are pleading for a way
for a way
a chance
to slip away in peace
with you by my lonely and lowly side.
I try to be stronger now.
But I killed my strongest self, several attempts ago
I push it away,
but darkness always returns;
I am reverted to the worst version of myself.

She is 16 and sobbing out her sorrows in her bathtub,
to her favorite razor and a bottle full of pills.
She is self-destructing but, she can't say why.
Someone else's words have cut out her tongue.
Her mouth bleeds out their words against her,
trying to save herself she locks her jaw into a smile, that lies to everyone around her that she's fine.
But, her body fills with their hatred and she learns to loathe herself
Slowly, her heart is smothered and her mind breaks.
She becomes so full that she burst at the wrist, just to get some relief.

I return to the present,
I've made a mistake.
I am too weak again to this world.
I look at myself in the mirror.
I watch the blood on the counter make small pools from my wrists.
And I give into it.
I will never fully be myself again.
I have killed myself too many times,
Sometimes I wish my body wasn't too stubborn to die.
Luca Abate Feb 2015
violent thoughts
broken feelings
as i walk this earth
no release
from what's built inside
i try to fight it
through living lies
how can this be
everyone just makes me sick
when will the pressure
build up so high
that i can no longer
keep it inside of me
the struggle inside
that plagues me
will be released
upon the human race
Song by Harm's Way
Janielle Mainly Jul 2014
I've got a shadow , that I pull over me
I've got a shadow, that I just won't let be
My shadow's here to stay, it keeps me out of harms way,
Yeah! I've got a shadow and I'm not giving it away..
No one is ever completely alone, remember you've always got your shadow.

— The End —