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Do this cry sound like rain?
With those fields of broken grains,
And the clouds with dark stains,
Does the ground feel all this pain?

Wake up to the sun tonight,
Maybe the moon doesn't light up right,
But the ocean will always fight,
For the peace, for the star's sight.

Let winds breathe from the trees,
This is how the flowers plea,
To look this beautiful to see,
And bring our eyes down to its knee.
run infantwoman
run as fast as you can in any direction that seems


run till you threaten to drop dead


just drop

   skinned needs, skinned knees,
                    runs inyournewtights
                    heels of your palmsbleeding
fromwhere you      
s             k             i                     d                 along the unforgiving asphalt
that had been lying in wait for your stumble
hungry for your blood
hungry for your self

effacement to bring you
back to this place
               so well known

– when you – smart actualized near woman you –
and stumble

the asphalt only wins
you continue to wear               that same pair of tights

(no matter how many times you stumble the thing that matters most is that you land softer)

                 run infantwoman
                © 2017 rochellefoles
we often are blind to our patterns.  when we tune in we may just find rerouting our path can be as simple as changing our tights if we do it consciously.
Z Jan 21
i was born yesterday
everything was new
i’d never heard my grandma cry
yet her face was fresh with dew

someone held me yesterday
i was an infant in her arms
her voice was milk and honey
as she whispered to be calm

i was born yesterday
the day another passed
his wife just couldn’t wake him
when she got home from mass
stopdoopy Oct 2018
A woman once
                                        Wished on star
                                        From lands afar

                              "Please oh please
                              Bright twinkling light
                              Give me a child tonight"

                    And the woman prayed
                    Every night for years
                    Her plea fell on deaf ears

          Until a goddess
          Who made me swoon
          Heard her tune;
          The Moon

Begging she had heard
The mother of Earth
The call answered
With a "birth"

          Transcending her planet
          Coming to ours
          In a pomegranate

                    Inside the botanic
                    Did she travel
                    Until cloth unravel

                              Child Delivered
                              To dainty hands
                              Such divine plans

                                        Celestial now infant
                                        Baby and parent
                                        Woman loves ancient
For Houkyou, the title is what my friend calls their daughter and the whole poem is based off of it.
Äŧül May 2018
And that you were an infant.
I shall appear from your mouth
And I would pop before you knew.
For my dear Pooh Bear.

My HP Poem #1709
©Atul Kaushal
carminayasmin Apr 2018
you can’t just
play me out until I’m dizzy
and lying on the ground like a lost infant.
you can’t make my words
at once crash off the shelves,
my tongue will drop down my pipe.

perhaps I’ll close my eyes
once open, I am masked.
masked until I am as thick as my skin
punching through the layers inside
as my soul pushes them back.
so that they are well hidden from your luring voice,
like these marks stained on this paper.
12 November 19:54
Ellison Mar 2018
Little infant wrapped in blue
Don’t worry of danger coming to you.
Little infant with little eyes closed
I’ll make sure to the elements you are never exposed.

Little infant that cries at night
You never go out of my careful eyesight.
Little infant that wants mum and dad
I love you each day; don’t be quite so sad.

Little infant of bubbly joy
I’ll help you play with your favorite toy.
Little infant of smiling glee
Please stay so innocent and warm and happy.

Little infant that grows in the blink of an eye
I hope I’ll never have to say goodbye.
Little infant do promise that when you’re all grown
Do please make some infants of your very own.
Adrian Supetran Mar 2018
I stare at the moonlight's shadow,
With tears as vast as the endless ocean.
I consoled my heart, as it cries
With piercing melodies and unsung poems.

I thought my sincerity was my weapon,
In this world of lies and superficiality.
I thought passion was my armor,
In this harsh and cold reality.

Trying to meet both ends,
Of the string that binds these two hearts.
But the binding turned into shackles,
with thorns that pierced the soul.

The clock gave its permission,
To feel what has not been felt.
Desires, love, and commitment were its gift,
Valid until the skies turned into a blanket of darkness.

The flames of passion turned dim,
With sparks vanishing into the abyss.
The notes were falling out of place,
Making everything a chaotic majesty.

Days passing by,
Were like knives stabbing my back.
I want to sleep,
Embracing the soil of my motherland.

Nights passing by,
Were like shrapnel piercing my skin.
However, I'm starting to become so numb,
Losing so much blood unnoticed.

Let me drown myself,
Into this downpour of emotions.
Let it wash away everything into nothingness.
Make me feel so empty that I want to feel again.
For those who would like to wallow on their sadness about their stagnant love. Be my guest, join me in this moment of gorgeous melancholy and beautiful disaster.
Tess Jan 2018
An infant is a gift of joy
one some mothers seek to destroy.
With pills and drugs, they wish to rid
themselves from having their own kid.
How is death in the **** alright?
But death outside brings many fright
Whether by accident, she conceived,
On her hands, the ****** will be
Is a child unworthy of love?
Dispute this with the Lord above.
Celeste Briefs Dec 2017
The infant Earth
Ripens in Her ****
Warmth of connection,
Sigh of full birth,
A crystal drop of moon
That night she did consume

Laid out upon
Her bed of dreaming flowers,
Legs spread apart, in openness,
Giving and receiving,
With each calm, awakening hour,
From the eternal canals of Her love

Her ******* were full
Of milk and glowing ashes
Of long-remembered stars,
Combined to form
The sweet mixture of vitality
She freely gave to all Her daughters
With Love and overflowing bliss

Her long, flowing hair
Whispered in the wind
She'd woven for us,
Glistening as the sunlight
Kissed Her head,
Smiling down upon
The new-born babe
She held securely in Her arms,
Eyes full of wonder,
She laughed and Her laughter was the rain
And as Her child
Suckled Her ever-burning heart,
The sun faded into Moon and Stars
In Her eyes,
And the twilight sky sang an evening song,
The trees held out their arms
To hold their overflowing dreams,
And the earth held Mother and Child
In its arms
As the Goddess lay down
And closed her eyes
To sleep.
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