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np Oct 2018
if my brilliant mind
is not enough for you,
than you are simply
not worth impressing.
boy please...
Andreas Simic Oct 2017
Kiss My…©

Morning people,
Those people up at the crack of dawn

With more energy than a ball of fire
All done up like they haven’t even slept

It is in those moments I want to say
Kiss my sass

Looking at them through my bleary eyes
Me feeling like something off a scrapheap

Their exuberance like a cup runneth over
Excitement exuding everywhere

It is in those moments I want to say
Kiss my sass

My rear glued to the bed
Unable to muster the motivation to get up

I listen to them espouse great plans for the day
Bubbling with sheer excitement

It is in those moments I want to say
Kiss my sass

We all have our place and so do they
I have to admit with some dismay

Andreas Simic©
I am a morning person so this is how people view me.
Joe Cottonwood Jun 2017
In swimsuits which means
essentially naked
the girls gather at the bridge
gasping giggling
budding bodies bouncing
as they climb over the steel rail
stand at the outside edge
hold hands

and jump
the scary plunge
to cool water, Donner Creek where
toe-touching the sandy bottom
they burst upward through bubbles
to sunlight, to air
whipping hair
with laughter, relief,
stronger now,
sweet courage
with a touch of spice.

Frog-kicking to shore
they smile
at the baggy-legged boys
who dared them
standing hands in pockets
smaller now
feigning indifference
unworthy of their loveliness.
First published in *The Literary Nest*
It's a quiet kind of storm
Rolling with your eyes
It is kinder
to pierce my flesh with needles
Than it is to call me a freak
But either way
your words won't upset me
For it is you that is
Nikita May 2015
A photo may say a thousand words but they lack as much meaning.
Nikita May 2015
Everyone changes attitudes around different people.
Just make sure that,  they are only changing your attitude and not your •personality•
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