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I will go away
The time is not for me
The sky is not for me
The luck gives me
His back
The name of me
May be changed
As they called me
I was in the past
Runner in fast
Smartest and strongest
All females wanted to see
All females wanted to approach
My beauty is example
As well as my power is able
To change any result in competition
I got first at run
I am the first at the bet
All wanted my satisfy
When I grow up all were away
My happiness was disappeared
And I heard them saying
I must be killed
As I grew up enough
That made me lazy and tough
In everything
They said," I am hopeless"

"There were the notes of horse"
everything is good when it has power and smart. when it has author. it will be prefable. when all go, it will be forgootten
Luna Dec 2017
when did we get so old
to enjoy lifes leisure's
The simple pleasure in walking down an unfamiliar path
the simple pleasure in reading a book
To get a laugh
the the simple pleasure in feeling more than just happy or sad

digging into our childhood youth
taking the time to look at picture books a time or two
taking the time to write a short story
or scribble a dog in a note book
fold origami and try to predict our lives
through a little piece of paper
that only seemed to lie

when did we get so old that
a play date
meant ***

that a simple card game
lead to
An axe of respect

when did we get so old
that a drink or two
twenty two
When did we get do old?

We didnt mature!

We only grew.
-df Feb 2018
to be with you
leaves me feeling so blue
who knew
you’d give me such a view
away you flew
we used to be like glue
i thought we were through
but we just needed time, and apart we grew
and as if on cue
we were once again true
and loving you
became another hue.

{d.f. | 01/21/18}
tried some rhyming...
H1GH3 Feb 2017
My head hurts, mom
Please come and take the pain away, mom
I'm not holding my breath, I can't breath
No one understands my brain, but me
The way I think, the path I've lain
and when the dead comes and whispers in my ear,
I'll make sure that you come and hear.
My tears keep stealing water from the ocean
and every effort I make ends in lost devotion.
My heart hurts, mom
Please come and take the pain away, mom
I don't know who I want near, mom
Everyone I want can't come here, mom
It's my natural instinct to run to you, mom
But, I try my hardest to show you I grew, mom
I'm not some little girl with an innocent mentality
But, I am someone who tries to escape reality
Two attempts and I've failed, mom
I'm feeling better but my mind is still jailed
I will keep my mind locked up for now
And only let thoughts out that you allow.
I hope you all like it. Let me know! -Roots
There's a beginning a middle and a end
You weren't in my beginning
I don't know if you will be in my end
But oh the middle was so sweet
Where my heart bubbled with love
My soul was made new
And there I grew
loveless Jul 2016
He was pushed
Into pit of hell
But he grew wings
And flew to heaven
Just a lil story in four lines
Jesica Feb 2016
We grew up
Amongst lovely people
Having great friends
Playing amazing games.
But slowly reality caught up with us,
Friends turned traitors,
People around us were selfish,
Games were played with our lives.
The virtual world faded
And its actual face was revealed.
We struggled to live on
And that's how we grew apart.
Cecilie Andersen Apr 2014
Playing around didn’t care how
we looked and wouldn’t get
embarrassed for what we did

When we injure ourselves we
got a Band-Aid on the spot
were it hurt and we thought it helped
and miraculous the pain was gone

Then we grew up
We don’t play around and if
we did we would get judged by others

When we get hurt a Band-Aid
can’t help the pain go away.
'Cause a Band-Aid can’t fix a broken heart


*Songs tempt me very
Poetry makes me crazy
As if, the drugs I have taken
As if, I have lost and found you again
May be it's an illusion,
And it has grown me as a Rock,
Rocking all those to be rocked
Even my strength has grown as if,
I can make your pain,
That to be torn,
Turn to be a stone
And I can crack your cry
Again those yells have made me
An empty isle -


@ Musfiq us shaleheen
tears to be torn,turn to be a rock as if my life runs and I grew as a rock
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