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Luna Sep 2020
Sometimes we feel chained down
Locked in our own self imprisonment
Locked in sometimes the outer world
Sometimes you are too weak to stand
Too humble to climb
And just not strong enough to
Show success
But you'll get there
Just wait
Be patient
And let life
Present itself
If you are too predictable
You're boring
If you're too mysterious
You turn people off
Just be you
The world has alot of the world
And only
One individual
Who is you
Luna Sep 2020
Sometimes we just know
We know what makes the heart float
When everything seems like sinking water
It's a life line
A healthy line
The help you can search a life time for
Confidence in self
Is not something you can be taught
It's felt through the heart
But getting there
Us like climbing the great Wall
Of china
It's weak in the knees
For life's greatest offering
It's feeling
Like you matter
But also going at a pace comfortable to you
People can't be pushed
We can be molded
But a mold is just mold
And it eventually comes crumbling down
But let me tell you
You'll run laps around your heart
But you've always known
Right from. The start!
I may not be a vet. But I can still learn SO much. I may not be a doctor. But I'll sure as hell feel like it !
Luna Sep 2020
Have patience with your friends
Your lovers
Your coworkers
Your aunt's
Your uncle's
People you meet on the street
People who set you up to meet
Is something
Worth learning
You do not know someone's day
Until you walk in their shoes
Luna Sep 2020
I stopped watching television with
My ears still work
But sometimes my mind takes over
Senses are weird
I like to play with them
Try to make sense of a lack of sense
Do we learn stuff really for the thrill
Or do we learn in anticipation
Of what may or may not
I haven't yet figured out
Luna Sep 2020
Learn to allow emotion to feed your soul
Not starve it !
Luna Sep 2020
You are always better
Than your worst enemy's best thought
Luna Sep 2020
Do as I say
Never as I do
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