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Jesica May 2017
To the ones who are imperfect,

If anyone perfect is reading this please stop reading and go back to your amazing life. Yup life has to be amazing if you are perfect. Well if it's not that amazing read on maybe you can relate to some of it.
Nobody is perfect. Everyone has his or her own imperfections. But is life just meant to be spent on trying to be what you are not?
Good grades, dream college, well paid job, excellent personality with a good social circle and of course a beautiful and loving wife. PERFECT?
Basically someone who has excelled in all possible fields of his concern. This type of a guy would be perfect right? This is the perfection that everyone tries to achieve. Oh wait! I should say the society tries to make us achieve.
But what if someone was to step outside the circle? What if someone doesn't try to achieve this ideology of perfection?

A person with low grades or someone who isn't in a good college or doing a job he loves but pays less is called incapable or incompetent. Why? Because he didn't achieve that mark of excellence or because he didn't try to achieve it.
That's it, everyone around you starts to advice you, criticise you and breaks you to a point you can't handle anymore.
They blame you for not being perfect.
And to top it all you feel helpless and trapped.

It's impossible for people to not judge you but it is up to you to be affected by their judgement.

Your imperfections make you unique. You may have bad grades or end up in a low paid job but there is something in you that makes you special. But you know what those who criticise you just can't see it.
Make sure that you perfect that unique thing about you. Cherish it and make sure that someday the people who criticised you can only see that perfection. Maybe you yet haven't found your speciality but the day you will maybe even 10 years later will be when you will realise that YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE.

P.s: There may be many out there who feel they are emotionally and mentally strong but still may fall prey to those who criticise you. To all of them, what you think about yourself matters ‚Äčthe most, be yourself and shine so that world is forced to look at you!
This may not be a poem but I just felt that I should share it. If you have the time and patience please read through.
Jesica Jul 2016
He was charismatic,
She was demure.
Together they were
A fascinating couple.
They overcame difficulties,
Which the labyrinth of life
Had bought along.
The aged called them,
"A pair made in heaven."
Jesica May 2016
And then there are some,
You don't know them.
But they lend a helping hand,
Recognised by their face,
They are there when in need.
They change your frowns into smiles,
Which even the ones you love,
Fail to do.
Jesica Mar 2016
She resembles a Mosaic,
The pieces define her.
Collected from different walks,
Each shaped her,
For the better or worse.
The experience and knowledge
Make her what she is today.
A true piece of art!
Jesica Mar 2016
No weapon found,
Not an evidence around,
It is a ****** surely,
Done out of unknown fury.
The case becomes history,
But still remains a mystery.
The statue of limitations is in a few days,
And thus it will become a cold case.
Jesica Mar 2016
In the Mayor's mansion,
A candle light dinner,
With spoons of silver,
Enjoying a joyful Christmas night,

Away in a thatched roof hut,
The baby's eyes brim with tears,
Reflected by a single candle's light.
Cries of hunger resonating of the walls.
#throwback #lastyear #christmas poems
Jesica Feb 2016
She echoes God's love,
Her blue orbs and golden hair,
Snatches away his breath.
But he could only admire,
As she was an angel,
And he a human.
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