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Seanathon Feb 2
Serene moment
You of feelings people felt
Dont leave me on this Sunday imperfect
Your warm my soul
You calm my mind
In you I am happy with myself
If but for a single sunlit time
I feel and felt
When the sun sneaks though. Making a happier you feel felt for a second. Hashtag it. What it's like to be human lol.
Erian Rose Apr 2019
As the day grew short
Upon the skylight
Hands stretched out
It wasn't right
Shining high
enduring and bright
The sun drew
Escaping the sunlit sky
A love with no night
You're my one
and only

My Flashlight
Hannah Reber May 2016
Her sun lit strands of gold streamed fluently down her body,
Her sharp crystallized eyes were engulfed in sadness, for she had nobody,
Her moonlight skin, dotted with the stars,
Brushed my rugged wounded face, capturing my heart.
She seemed to have a hard time standing,
For her heart and soul had never had a landing,
The damp clouds, reaching higher than the both of us,
Trickled the angel's tears, and darkening some of our trust,
She gracefully tip-toed with her delicate feet over the hard cold streets,
Dancing with a certain beauty, she spoke the words, "I love he"
My heart raced and spun, never having another one to hold and to love,
To kiss and to save, she was my new glistening wave,
The oceans weren't vast enough to hold our fast and moving hearts,
I knew right there and then, I would never let go of her, never would we part again.

— The End —