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just emma Oct 2021
Dear David,
First of all, I would like to start this letter with a big *******!
How dare you come into my home and take advantage of me.
How dare you get into my bed and touch me.
How dare you!?!
Oh, you were drunk?
No worries, that totally makes it okay.
I was probably dreaming like the time my best friends brother decided to hop into my bed when I was 11.

I hate you!
I hate how I can’t be mad at Terry for wanting to have a relationship with you because you’re his brother.
I hate how I can’t speak up about what you did because it most certainly will ruin your life.

But I want you to know, you will never be apart of my life again.
You will not be apart of mine and Terry’s life,
And best believe you will not be an uncle to our little girl.

I know all you did was touch my skin and kiss my lips,
But what if I wasn’t strong enough to push you off me, to tell you no?

I hate what you did.
I hate that I can never be beautiful again,
You took that piece with you.
You greedy, ******, *****!
How many other girls have you done this to?
Are still doing this to?
And aren’t able to tell you no…

I just hate how I can’t move on…
How can you?
Trigger warning
just emma Oct 2020
How much louder do we have to scream?
You've taken away my innocence, my hopes, and my dreams.

How much louder do we have to scream?
You don't care as you pull hard at my seams.

How much louder do we have to scream?
You're finished now and proud, with a smile that gleams
This is my attempt as a writer to get the world to hear our cries for help. I am from South Africa where the recent statistics say that at least 40% of South Africans will be ***** at least once in their lifetime. I am a part of that statistic.
just emma Jul 2020
" There is only you in my heart. "
pretty thoughts.
  Jul 2020 just emma
She lay there, silently, in the stillness of her bathtub.
Slightly smiling as her in-sides heat up
While the water wraps it self tightly around her body.

She lay there, silently, in the stillness of her bathtub.
Deeply inhaling the oasis of tranquility, then
Slowly exhaling into complete serenity.

She lay there, silently, in the stillness of her bathtub.
and with one last sigh, she softly says goodbye.
Then suddenly
She sinks into suicide.
  Jul 2020 just emma
With a blink of an eye, realization hit
And I watched as my universe began to bloom
just emma Mar 2020
You are the sun,
You are the moon.
You outshine all the stars,
You float around like a pretty tune.

I see your weaknesses behind your smile,
How you accept your faults knowing it’s all worthwhile.
Don’t let your worries take over and drown you,
Let them paint your canvas,
See the chance of something new.
all the words I could write for you still wouldn’t be enough.
just emma Mar 2020
What if,
The reason I can never picture my future
Is because I don’t make it that far...
Coming up with your own conspiracy theories... not a good idea.
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