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Ketanya Rose Nov 2021
I found a new love today.
I refused to think of you yesterday.

              Dearly beloved, can you guess who my love is?
                                           can you guess who touches my body?
                                           can you guess who taps into my soul?

I found a new love today........ Me.
           And most definitely
I refuse to think of you tomorrow.
Ketanya Rose Nov 2020
I have cried,
The tears of a thousand widows
Stripped my soul bare
Sold some organs
Rearranged some bones
But still.....
You went to heaven without me
Ketanya Rose Oct 2020
Can I be vulnerable now?
                            Can I be scared now?
                                    Can I exhale now?
                                           Can I cry now?
                                                   Can I sleep now?

        Can I just stop being strong now?
Ketanya Rose Apr 2020
Fresh rain wrapped in the smell of sunshine
Tingled down their spine
Lost tingling their lips
Armed with the tears of a thousand windows
Their lips wept


Birthdays never celebrated
Holidays never seen
Pictures never to be taken
Tantrums never thrown
Into faces they’ll never kiss
Ketanya Rose Apr 2020
Her tongue wept
For the ****
she’d never receive

Crevices she’d
never taste

Her stomach protested
For the smell
of butterflies

Her brain lamented
For the knowledge
she possessed

Her arms yearned
For the woman
she’d never hold

Her knees screamed
For the carpet
it'll never greet
  Mar 2020 Ketanya Rose
don't stop the birds
from flight

  or the trees from
  touching the sky

don't stop the
ladybugs from
eating aphids

   or the anole lizards
   from changing colors

don't stop the
whales from
migrating oceans

   or the caterpillars
   from emerging
   as monarchs

don't stop the
wildflowers from
blooming beauty

    or the moon for
    waxing her sphere

don't stop the
earth from turning

   or my heart from
   beating and listening
   to the sublime

and especially

don't stop the poets
from spreading
their ink everywhere!
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