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The sweetest fragrance
What is it
Where is it
It is nothing
But the divine love
It is within us

This perfume of heavenly affection
Brings us closer every moment
The sensory aroma
Dwells in our beautiful hearts
Once we feel it with immense devotion
Surely we will find it with the speed of light
This is poem is all about togetherness, humanity, unity of mankind and love among us.
Welcome to spring!
Season of love and liveliness
Occasion of novel beginnings
And opportunities

In this realm of joy
Trees charmingly give birth
To new baby leaves
Flowers blossom
Spreading their sweet aroma
In the air
Rainbow shows up with a smile
Romanticizing the earth

Butterflies exquisitely
Waver everywhere
Birds sing along
Building their nest
Fireflies appear
As Tinker Bells
Rabbits run around
With jubilation
Chipmunks dance
With gratification

This is the time
When nature writes
Its own poetry
In a beautiful form
At the valley
Of butterflies
In Rhodes, Greece
I encountered
Nature's love affair
Feisty flowers
Rainbow colors
Flying gorgeously everywhere
Beyond anybody's reach
Fluttering here and there
Once the caterpillars
Magically turned into animated fairies
Gently hugging the trees
With their soft and fragile wings
Their inexplicable performance
Has fully mesmerized
Thousands of travelers
Enjoying the splendors
Of this world
And to be one of them
I am so gratified
Several years ago I got a chance to visit Rhodes, Greece and I was inspired by their Valley Of Butterflies. Here is my poem.
Tiny shiny white
Crystals tumble from the sky
Icy diamonds from heaven
Swirl around the trees
In our backyard
With love and affection

These trees
Once filled with leaves
Are fully perfected
By the immeasurable
Beauty of snowflakes
It is time
To slow down
Stay mindful
Watch the birds
In the meadows
Admire the flowers
In the garden
Chat with friends
In the neighborhood
Have a cup
Of hot tea
Read an amazing book
Play some relaxing music
Sing your favorite song
Go for a walk
With your loved one
Say how much you treasure
Her or him
In your life

Cherish this present moment
There is more to life
Than making it go faster

— The End —