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Waffles Mar 22
Words from ink to pen,
If I died today, would these words be read?
I am sorry, did not mean to start with dread.
I'm in a mood; would I understand if I were you?

Rhythm, rhyme, I'm looking to find,
but the light goes out with the pattern.
I wonder if the greats understood their gibberish,

I came to say one thing, and look!
I've said more (whoops, sorry for the ego).
I am hoping that my foolishness has drawn you in
(would it, if I were you?).

Please read:
     Anything looks small next to a galaxy
          big next to an atom;
     They don't teach this in school:
          an oak is just its size.
Written after watching Into the Wild. My pen ran out of ink just after the last word was written.

Love may be resilient;
May love be resilient.
Waffles Jun 2020
Place me in a a prison // I don't want to escape. // Hold me underwater // until my whole body aches. // Grant me the freedom to go, // sit with me when I stay. // Deny me nothing, and // I'll find patience in delay
Waffles Jun 2020
unlimited places to put
the nothing i have to say
a friend, a teacher, a note
today, tomorrow, yesterday

place it on the moon
place them in a grave
the computer file 'Random'
the brain space 'save'

all the things i think
cannot be contained today
so why do i think the file "Random"
can hold all the nothingness to say?
Waffles Jun 2019
i wanna worship your ****, but i'm not going to take any of it
Waffles May 2019
Morning, a window, sunlight and a table
clutter all around of items and laughter
this family of five had gathered together
and invited me to breakfast

The warmth of included love and laughter
melted my taste buds after
I took my first bite of warm syrup, peanut butter, and waffles
I remember few meals better
origin story
Waffles May 2019
i want to wrap myself inside of you
i want to feel small in your big
i know it doesn't solve anything
but it helps
like nothing ever has
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