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This unholy libidinal gratification that we share;

lips of ours, interlocked,
strands of hairs, intertwined,
warm, shortened breaths, exchanged,
subtle moans sang; like songs of siren---

made me lock your head with these thighs,
as I squirm in ecstasy of pleasure,
while grippin' the sheet tightly,
ready to embark on another arousing journey.
*** is sacral; only if we treat it with respect.
My wife's libido
Is going through menopause
I can't tell which alter ego
Will walk through the door

Some days we have purring
Some days I get claws
Sometimes demurring
Then she's smiling like a chainsaw

Even shopping for groceries
I keep a low profile
'Cos she shouted 'Get me some ovaries' once
As I wandered down the Baking aisle

Then on Fruit & Veg, there was a particular  cucumber
Which she stroked with a lascivious smile
Leering like an executioner
Giving a slow blink with one eye

For the Gin, the ice box is full of lemons
The fruit bowl full of pimentoes
Amazon parcels come everyday at eleven with
Bath Salts & candles, and lingerie combos.

Would you believe she's started ironing my socks?
She's given up tea for espresso
One minute in a hot flush she's eating ice pops
The next minute she's dressed like an Eskimo

Her sense of humour though hasn't gone AWOL
She has bought us matching pyjamies
She says at heart I'm Neanderthal
But I'm still the only Soldier in her private Army

So that's all alright then, we're a couple that tries
We'll do good days & bad days & battle on through
My menopausal wife wants her man at her side
That's the least a Neanderthal great grandad can do.
With permission from my lady wife - I feel I must add.
Asyura Feb 2019
Alcohol stained lips,
yours of ***** and mine of liqour.
An oddly divine combination as our tongues danced together in synchronization.
Ragged breathes and tangled limbs,
sweet honey dripping, begging for a little taste.
Hands digging into my waist,
you, between my legs.
Slippery sweat soaked skin,
our pace getting faster and faster.
Fingernails sinking into your back
leaving red territorial lines.
My body twitches.
A final release.
I cry your name out in ecstasy,
as you cried out hers.
We lay in disquietude, our naked bodies exposed,
a one night stand I’ll forever remember,
a one night stand you’ll forget once sober.
You remind me of the floating wisps of dust,
fleeting from my grasp.
A match, unlit, but potent, awaiting
A spark.
Impulse, unfit, but potent, awaiting
The dark.
Controlled, subdued by intimidation.
Behold! It escapes in conflagration!

Desire, unmet, but potent, and wanting
To play.
The id, unchecked, but potent, and wanting
To prey.
Dead, beaten into its subjugation.
Instead! Unchained, furious damnation!

Defense, untried, but potent, seeking
To win.
Violence, untold, but potent, seeking
To sin.
Enslaved, subject to emasculation.
Saved! Freedom, total depravation!
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There was a moment, so unexpected,
When I woke, seeking just ordinary,
Resigned to loneliness, unconnected,
Our encounter—felt imaginary.

Seeking isolation, no need for lust,
Appreciation gone, beauty no more,
Passion burned, with eyes I no longer trust,
You—a seduction I’d not known before.

Pulling back from feeling, and nakedness,
All the beauty, futile, unrequited,
Choosing instead dullness, and wretchedness,
Our spark—an extinguished soul ignited.

Recoiling, fear, cursed sexuality,
Libidinous impulses, uncontrolled,
Bare, on altars of sensuality,
You—inviting love I cannot withhold.

Kiss me, hold me, bring my love in deeper,
Forgive me, embrace me, don’t let me be still,
Touch me, and own me, and be my keeper,
Your look—I resisted, but have lost my will.
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Searching with a ravenous smile
Beyond depravity to find
Lustful home in a woman with
Pinup soul and centerfold mind.

Like prowling wolf under full moon
To find in habitats untold
Attracted to a body with
A chest that shields her heart of gold.

Sensuality unrestrained
Approaches as innocent knave
Seeking that woman who has too
Naked Eros towards the brave.

Drawn out by libidinous need
That only making love can cure
His darkness only wants her light
Everything about her is pure.
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It's ***** it's impure I don't want it anymore
It was my life and I loved it
But now I'd rather eat my own
Words by refusing it from the loves of my life
My best friend, my fiancé and my soon to be
Gone girl she's a right off she's all over the place
And as much as it hurts I wish she would sit on my
Lap and kiss me and look in my direction
But the boys get in the way with wanting me to fix their
Desperate need for attention when all I want to do
Is be talked to and held but they just wanna *****.
Tommy Randell May 2017
Today I Zagged
When I should have Zigged
I settled for safe
When I should have bigged.

An old man's fancy
I'm glad it's still there
That I will always want to
Leap up from my chair.

But time to be grateful
For the way out when it's offered
Now the Spring is Sprung
And my knees have turned awkward.

I'll settle I think
For the Brandy & Port
And not dwell on what I didn't
But that I did what I ought.

Better not to take risks
A week from retirement
In Work, at Play
As the Flirt-er or the Flirt-ant.

Age has as it's envoi
A phrase or two worth while
Leave the Zig-Zag to the young
Make them smile, if you can,
Make them smile.

Tommy Randell 2017 05 16 00:34 BST
The great and glorious game
has many twists and turns
and Age should not blame Youth
for the lessons it must learn
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