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Ackerrman Oct 8
Bouncing bubbles, thin dew stands jubilant
Atop Poppie’s vibrant, happy colour.
Poppies in summer time are in a trance,
Smiling rapturously: scarlet music!
C notes rise on a breeze, crimson follows
In a waltz, a samba- zounds, Fiddlesticks!
The garden would be desperately hollow,
Daffodils mope until crimson rhythm
Bursts spontaneous, famous elation
Ricochets, the hanging baskets fathom,
The chain braking freedom born stagnation.
Poppies will dance for the rest of their lives
And drink the sweet nectar, high as a kite.
Third piece  from a series of garden flower sonnets
I let myself be in love once
Giddy and gleeful
Not butterflies in my stomach
But warm milk in my belly

I was devoted
I was obedient
I was his.

Until I decided not to be.
Because when you give all yourself over
You lose yourself
And now I have been gone for awhile
I have forgotten how to live

And at times I don’t want to live
It sits on my chest
Weighs down my heart
Until I no longer want to be present
Or have this present from the melancholy king

But I am growing again
And I feel my soul stretch
Like a cat after a cozy afternoon nap
And I am ready
And excited
Oh so excited for what will happen

But for now (and maybe for ever
-fingers crossed)
I do not want to be in love
I do not want to have a lover

For if being in love is a debt
I do not want to be in the business of it
It has nothing to do with me
Who is a good person to know?
Each has a path to follow,
I do good things for others, you see,
Remaining kind  and so friendly,
Hearts do need folk to look after,
Souls need peace and laughter!
My path is that of a bard, as well,
Who is good and really swell?
I am being modest, what the hell!
Feedback welcome.
The time is just a water.
It's streaming like a jet.
The fibers of the time are late.
So many moments, right?
The positive in moment now.
It always something good in night. Just listen, listen.
And you'll hear the softness of  the melody.
Gentle music is around us.
The music of the love.
I am acceptance, I am love.
Searching a couple of people
I look for something specific
I look for a good thing

But I haven't found it yet

They seem to always
misuse the good before
the bad comes to life.


People try to explain it
"You're too nice"
"You take too much"

No, no, no.

I've gave and gave
until I didn't want
to be broken anymore.

A good thing is hard to find
in bad people with bad
intentions and no time.
Modern-day love is sad to me.
Bhill Oct 6
Walking along at sunset is wonderful end of the day
You contemplate and remember, just what was on display

You think about the good times and throw in some new thoughts you had
You look back on your day and calculate if the changes made you glad

You hope that your day was well spent, on things that made you feel right
If not, there is always tomorrow, where a new path just might be the light...

Brian Hill - 2019 #249
Take a sunset stroll and rethink your day...
Invisible Oct 4
There's nothing good about it.
I say that to everyone. Literally every day.
I am not a morning person.
Ash Oct 3
i ******* hate
that the bad days in my darling's life
will always outweigh the good ones;
so before it's too late-
i am sorry.
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