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Brianne Rose Mar 13
Across Hyrule he shall roam,
After Navi finds him and gives him his cue,
He shall visit Ranches, Castles, Villages, even a Tomb,
While wandering new garb he'll find - Wearin Green, Red, and even Blue.

This man - too old, too pure - rages at almost every turn,
Throwing controllers and yelling loud,
Cursing as he watches his stream crash and burn,
Not caring yet always aware if he's doing so in front of a crowd.

A streamer true,
A rager pure,
Old Man Skip is a runner for you,
Plays it once, plays it twice, but he'll play it for sure.

His highs and lows are far yet few,
Good days, bad days every day in-between,
He still greets everyone with smile weather old or new,
Stick around a while tell what you've seen.

Wave a hello, say a good-bye,
But always know:
Heroes are forever remembered - but Legends?
Legends Never Die
Made this for a good friend of mine :D feel free to comment
Balance is everything in this life,
Opposites attract..
Comets collide like theory's in maths,
The good and the bad,
The night and the day..
To much of one thing is bad,
Not enough is the same..
Live your life in balance,
Be happy and sane..
Nothing is a given..
That's all I can say,
Haylin Mar 12
in my small town
last names mean everything & being a good kid means nothing
newpoetica Mar 11
i'm beyond stressed.
i can't help but wonder when the good lord will let me rest.
the pressure is building upon my shoulders.
like the ocean swells that crash upon the cliffside boulders.
all of these tiresome, daily meddles.
i'm waiting for the moment it all comes crashing down and the dust finally settles.
my midterms are this week and i'm currently dying. (love being a disorganized AP kid! haha) and obviously i'm extremely stressed because my final yearbook deadline is also this week and wow just wish me luck you guys :'(
Tatiana Mar 11
Avant ce jour,
j'ai célébré mon coeur
avec des champs de fleurs,
avec des danses sans peur.

Avant ce jour,
j'ai célébré mon esprit,
avec la chanson d'un canari,
avec la sorcellerie.

Avant ce jour,
j'ai vécu une vie de rêve.

Mais ce jour est venu,
et mon coeur est devenu inconnu.
I thought i'd put my french skills to the test and create a poem in french. I mostly just attempted to keep a rhyme scheme more than anything else. All mistakes are my own.
English translation:

Before this day
I celebrated my heart
with fields of flowers
with dances without fear

Before this day
I celebrated my mind
with the song of a canary
with witchcraft

Before this day
I lived a life of dreams.

But, this day has come
and my heart has become unknown.
Bella M Mar 11
The sunlight crept through the gaps in the blinds
And reached its soft hands across the room
Stretching to caress her warm face
as to welcome her when she opens her eyes
to yet another day
Empire Mar 10
So many chemicals
Float around in the brain
I guess mine weren't right
Caused too much pain

They didn't care
I was in a good home
Going to church
Having things of my own

My life wasn't perfect
My parents would fight
But that doesn't explain
So much crying at night

I never did drugs
Drank, skipped class,
Failed tests, was bullied,
Or was harassed

On the surface
I appeared to be perfect
But I was always a storm
That you'd never detect

The chemicals which
Decide state of mind
Don't give a ****
One day I will tell my kids the story of how the sun became a weapon burning us to ashes.
how ballute papers were suicide notes as we put a cross next the face we handed out souls to.
how every voter Got crucified in their own crosses.
how Lucifer is the holy one, Africa have became a twisted colony of evil.

But my kids will know
the stories of how we were condemned for complaining after spending centuries of oppression.
They will know how our enemies gave us a religion that said we must forgive our enemies, the irony.

**** it, I will show my kids the ocean, the only grave that took our forefathers during the slavery ships,
since pyramids were crafted in our souls called the triangular trade.
I feel good.
I feel comfortable in the skin
that I was given

I feel happy
to be alive
with the people who care

With the people, I would do
just about everything for
The ones who give me
the confidence I desperately need

My past is floating away
The pain, lifting from my shoulders
and finally, FINALLY
I am here

In the present
No longer dwelling
I understand that the past
is not changeable

But the future is
I can change this road
I paved for myself a many ago
I can change

Because I am good.
Not perfect
But not a demon
I am simply

Haven't written in a while, but I've been feeling a lot better lately. Which is the reason for this, obviously.
Elizz Mar 7
Lately it's been tasting like a starfish
Dipped in starfruit

Coating my tongue like fresh strawberries
Chocolate follows after

Because things have been so busy
The main avenue of fifth street in new york
Caramel for slow days


Bits of sunshine when you're nearby
But I've managed to do without
The strong flavor of black tea

With a pinch of chai
And a favored glimmer of lemon
I haven't been around much

I'm sorry for that things have been
Hectic to say the least
An enjoyable

Fast paced briskness
I think I'm back now for a while at least

Lift that smile
Brighten those eyes

Cheery notes play throughout the skies
Hey its been a while. How ya doing?
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