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Long ago
Burnt in flames
Tortured for
Alleged blames
****** in pain
The devil’s witch
A folk in laughter
At her final twitch.
Malicious with
Lacerating mows
Devoting themselves
To diabolic vows.
A loving sacrifice
Of their most precious coal
For leaving a wound
- tremendous
In her immortal soul.
Amber Phoenix Dec 2019
Darling bright, o’ earthly child,
I see thy mind a burden wild.
This day, certes, thee did thy best,
Wherefore t's time to take a rest.
Each day the sun breaks a new dawn.
We’re all in some way reborn.
Darling bright, o’ earthly child,
Take here my blessings for the night.
Amber Phoenix Dec 2019
night falls tenderly,
tear by tear,
one with the rain.
nowhere to go ––––––
tears keep falling,
as the rain keeps dripping,
down the spine.
nowhere to go.
Amber Phoenix Dec 2019
O' which seals from me
The torment of thy thoughts –
Thoughts not meant to enter me
But sensed in mists of spheres.

In solitude
I'm dwelling hence
For'a hermit doth not lure the cold –
The thrusting cold o'that which
Is plaguing the foresaken.

Solitude, then to me
Is to radiate that ease –
That ease swaning circular and gracefully
on the calms of the Hydriads' waters.

— The End —