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Sophia Dec 2019
So it’s true...
There is a rainbow at the end of a storm.
It might have taken months sometimes years, but it’s finally here.
Sophia Jul 2019
Last night...
For the first time,
you said that you loved me.
It’s funny how three simple words
Can generate a million emotions.

My heart sunk,
I turned around and kissed you,
and said that I loved you more.
You laughed and said that’s not how that works.
Love is a feeling not a quantity.

You’re right my love...
That being said...
I love you like the sun loves the moon.
Sophia Jul 2019
I’m an empty vessel
Sitting in a chair
Staring at the wall
Waiting for something.
What you may ask?
As I sit and wait, I collect dust.
Like a snow globe on a shelf.
Left there to be forgotten
Sophia Jun 2019
We were born to love.
No one taught us the side effects of loving someone.
They never specified that expectation kills faster than anything else.
Or that disappointment turns your heart into stone.
So instead of loving, you pull away.
Doing so you learn your true value.
You learn to love yourself.
And then, eventually,
You find the one.
Sophia Apr 2019
The good.

The bad.

The silence.

The eye contact.

The feelings.

The end.
Sophia Mar 2019
Isn’t the human mind interesting?
It could take years to forget someone...
But a second will make you remember everything.
Sophia Mar 2019
My heart is now divided in two.

One belongs to you.

And the other to you.

Is it possible to love two people at the same time?

What should I do?

Picking would be wrong...

No, no, no....

Both bring peace and joy.

But yet it’s accompanied by fear and doubt.

Oh Dilemma... why are you so sorrow?
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