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/|=====I don't burn bridges=======|\
/|===I just let them structurally====|\
/|=decay because I don't use them=|\
my friend said this once
I am
just a
little lure
in the universe's
tackle box
If it
to get me stuck
on some rock
and leave
me there,
then so
be it
I'm tangled in some brush and rocks
do Not
hate me
for being
a pessimist
your quixotic
attitude is
going to
get you
hurt and
then i
to you
In the spring,
I remember to breathe.
I know if I don't
That things will get worse.
Much worse.
It has already happened before.
I don't want it to happen
In the spring,
I remember where I was.
I acknowledge where I am now.
Things are
In the spring,
I meet you.
I learn you.
I understand you.
And you understand
In the spring,
I can be okay with this.
But I'm already thinking about

The summer.

I want you to be okay with me thinking about the summer.
I want you to be okay with me.
I want you to be okay.
I want you.
in the spring i want you
Mirror, mirror, I seek what is right.
I crave for something. I don't sleep at night.
I dream of happy. I awake to Hell.
I put faith in things that are not well.

Mirror, mirror, my thoughts are crass.
I've bled myself out with shards of your glass.
I fall faster with every nick.
Judgement clouded, my blood runs thick.

Mirror, mirror, my crystal ball.
Give me my truth, make my skin crawl.
I know what will happen. I'm pretty sure of it all.
Just give me my truth, let me allow myself to fall.

Send a
bullet through
my  head
in the
form of
your thoughts
and love
and your
care and
kindness and
your passion
and your
ideals and
jokes and
tell me
that you
want to
kiss me
under the
stars at
night just
us alone
at last
Just the two of us
is worth
so much more
to me
than it
is to you
isn’t it
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