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Awesome Annie Jun 22
Words I can't form cut my tongue,
leaving my red lips stained with heart.
I can't get over how he left me,
how my world crumbled,
utterly fell apart.

This new place echos in silence,
the minutes just endlessly tick away.
I would have given anything,
just to make him stay...

He was my favorite fascination,
I told him from the start.
Cupid's arrow cursed us both,
when it broke on hardened heart.

I don't know how to let him go,
but it destroys me deep inside.
All the secrets that I've swallowed,
how he still bends and breaks my pride.

All I've ever wanted
was for him to love me,
but years left and I suffered the most.
This man who's world is bleak and grey,
Still lights my way,
but he's now sincerely just a Ghost.
Tucked within the mountain of Promise, just past the forest of Truth. Runs a stream that glistens of dreams, and grants eternal youth.

Fairy's dance among the flowers, and sing a song of grace. Always adding into fable, another fortunate travelers face.

The stream glistens in the sun, and it's allure will steal your breath. One drop that passes through your lips, will save your soul from death.

Some will spend forever looking, desperate to stop youth from fading. Endlessly searching for this fountain, they waste life away crusading.

Be careful what you wish for, it's the warning the wind will softly tell. I'm forever blessed in beauty, but ****** for eternity between heaven and hell.
Awesome Annie Mar 13
I had loved him
Through the darkness
Past resentment
And beyond
The missing pieces.

As I bent before him
I choked
Tears coming forth in overflow
My heart no longer

The truth is
He stopped loving me
So long ago
That I begged him
Not to let us slip
Not to lose me within this void.

You can’t reason
When the world crumbles
You can’t hold ruin
With trembling hands
Expecting words
To mend
Has been lost
And left behind.
I cry in secret
silent sobs
  shake me.
Tears roll     quietly  
and fall
around me.
Leaving a taste
of disdain
from showing
I resent
what you
have made me become.
Beyond repair.
Ill never expose
     the impact of you
crushing me.
I cry
in secret
quiet sobs
   shake    me.
You will never have
        the satisfaction
of seeing me cry.
Or the realization
of how           badly
you have broken me
               into pieces.
I took you out of notebooks, so that my heart could heal. Had to stomach the reality, that you were never real. 

Pens once lost on pages, now crinckled on the table. Happily ever after, just a twisted fable. 

Erasing you from my soul, burned history marked with pen. So that I may forget my past, and attempt to begin again. 

I scribbled out old verses, I had yet to complete. Leaving behind our memories, ruin laying at my feet. 

What once was love filled margins, with cursive bent askew. Only to find that with time, my poetry is tainted with the poison of you.
When I look at him
I see
my past and my future
Time paused
by dreams that once
came true
stars that still glint
with endless possibilities
of infinity.

When I look at him
I see
my heart
a piece of me
forever beating
within his chest
a gift given so long ago..
With out him
I can never be whole.

When I look at him
I see
a stunning masterpiece
an abstract form
of beauty
that still
after all these years
brings me to my knees
and steals my breath.
Awesome Annie Jan 12
Shame woven into me, to escape the things I've done. In shadow it reminds me, it's a battle that can't be won.

Fingerprints along the walls, that match my very hand. It holds to gently or grips to tight, and lost is the magic sand.

Were where you all that time ago, when I needed strength the most? Now my past self haunts me, like the lingering of a ghost.

Never is there a witch when you need one, to cast a magic spell. Circles drawn and cauldrons bubbled, when I saved myself from hell.
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