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Awesome Annie Aug 12
I hate
That I miss him. 
Counted days
Pass in heavy silence. 

My heart
Broken is mending.
Prayers lost
To the universe. 
Polluting the galaxy
Destroying whole constellations.

My lips are sealed
Stitched together.
Strings of unspoken
Moments held to tightly. 
Bedsheets tainted
By silence and secrets. 

Once not caring
What having him
Would cost me. 
I now kneel in ruin. 
Healing myself
From his misuse.

Hands cupped
To catch the after math.
It slips through
My fingers.
Having begged him
Not to fall
In love with me.
Awesome Annie Jul 30
I wish I knew the women I see, when I look at my own reflection. Age and scars marked into skin, I can count all the imperfection.

Age escaped me, and time turned thief with backward rhymes of yesterday. Watching age set into the surface, youth the cost I had to pay.

My hair flows around my face, I wish I recognized this beautiful vision. But I am just a frame of myself, binded by Destiny's decision.

Epiphany knocked me on my ***, I break my own heart every ******* time. I crumble and fall to pieces, over what the stars won't speak divine.

Who is me, this women I see, when glimpses come into view? A small fragment of myself, a memory of me, like someone I once knew...
Awesome Annie Jul 25
I opened myself
Arms stretched
Into his bed.
Uncaring of
What it will cost me.

Am I this way?
*** is Binding
Intertwined unspeakably
Beyond lifetimes
And far past
Our hearts
Own Comprehension.

We mold together
Passion overwhelming
Self destruction
With each ******.
Left lingering
For eternity
Between ruin and bliss.
Awesome Annie Jul 14
I kneel before the temple of tomorrow, while still lingering in yesterday.  Cut by broken promises, and choking on the words I couldn't say.

Here I cried a river so vast, that it became a sea. I cupped my hands but couldn't catch, all the shattered parts of me.

Prayers slip from red stained lips, but it's just to heavy in heart. There's no more a clear reflection, that ripples do not part.

I have hope tucked in my pocket,  I built this raft with dreams. But I can't keep from drowning, it's busting at the seams.

Waves pull from the earth, my heart now ticks to the rhythm of sorrow. I can't mend what's already fallen apart, but I can find faith in the Temple of tomorrow.
I froze time
Just to be with him.
Pausing chaos
Just to obtain freedom.
I can never have enough...

When he kissed me
It all stood still.
His breath
On my lips
And my heart in my throat.

I crave him
So intensely.
But this time
he would not
Accept resistance.
His patience gone
From waiting
And his hunger growing more.

My pants slipped
His mouth
found me.
So sweet and wet.
I lost all control.
Toes curl.
I gasp in disbelief.

I found bliss.
His skill exceeding
All expectations.
He does this so well...
My fingers
Tangle in his hair
As fireworks burst.

Time ticks away
As we lose ourselves
In eachother.
It ending with
Me on top
enjoying the view.
This lover is
Unlike any
I've ever had before...
His tenacious hands
Grasping me whole.
Awesome Annie Jan 2018
I could learn,
to tolerate your imperfections.

Microwave you fish sticks for dinner.

But you won't talk to me.
Angry over something I carelessly said.

I've only thought of you naked a few dozen times today.

I googled you,
and was disappointed by the lack of ****** in your image search.

A mind is a beautiful thing,
but I always liked your body better.
Awesome Annie Jan 2018
I muttered an apology,
but he slapped me regardless.

Truth is, it lacked sincerity.
Seeing it in my sullen eyes.

Men find it a turn off.
My lack of ambition.
My lack of inspiration.
My lack of empathy in general.

They still find a way into my bed.
Attempting to change my casual nature.

My lack of,
eventually exploding down his disappointed throat.
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