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Tizzop Dec 2019
monday: putting ***** plates aside
tuesday: ignoring the ***** plates
wednesday: being bothered by the ***** plates
thursday: intending to do the dishes
friday: forgetting to do the dishes
saturday late afternoon: meeting a woman in a pub who tells daddy that she has a dirt allergy
saturday evening: arduously scrapping off fatty chunks from the dishes, groaning about such a hard kind of labor and thinking about easier ways of cleaning ***** plates.

from saturday night until sunday morning: making love to the woman from the pub; putting ***** plates...
lifestyle remains lifestyle
change causes change
Dream Fisher Jul 2019
I'm always in a rush to work,
In such a rush to drive home,
In a rush to die to make famous my poems.
I'm raising a glass to silly victories
And the same glass to the same loss
Because either way it's my history
And I'm just like a bystander
Seeing the boat off.

I wonder if life is so fragile,
Why we are caught in a balance act?
Why do we smile so much to say it's fine,
Too embarrassed to admit we all cry?
Stuck in a generation of losers and debt
But ****** we try, I really do try.
I'm making amends with my demons,
Trying to keep my head on right
But sometimes I replay a kid
Saying I was an inconvience to life
And sometimes when awake in a real dark night,
I start to see those words shedding light.

Today, I took out the trash
Then compacted my remaining sentiments
Into one piece of poetry
I'm letting go of any resentment,
And tired of repenting for being me
Took off the shackles on my feet
And leaped out into the free world
keneth May 2019
in a table, we sit

we all laugh, we all sin

the dish is regrets

and the plate is all but pretends

the fork is the spoon

and the glass was filled too soon

so we drank bottles of fantasies

mine was you sitting next to me

the knife holds anger

and you sit across me

should i cross the line

and stab you to wake?

pain is our water

and we can't live without it

so i stood up and pondered

"when will we start the feast?"
main course: misery / thirst
nightdew Mar 2019
father says to conquer my fears,
but how can i when losing you is always
at the fault line?

when the earthquake strikes,
the tectonic plates shuffle,
slipping and grinding.

oh father, how can i conquer my fears,
when it's always on the line?

i can't help the thought of losing you,
how can i ever conquer that?
*** love
Vexren4000 Jul 2017
The plates of land,
Covering the earth's soft core,
Finding each other,
At fault lines and trenches,
Generating great tremors,
That prove to man,
He is still powerless,
Against mother nature.

Feliz G Oct 2016
Something broken, and
Something to break.
We've gotta stop dropping plates Chloie.
the teacups
and plates

they all talk to me

i'm overcome with uncertainty

and no i'm not crazy

but silverware
appeals to
my senses
Cat Fiske Aug 2015
My grandfather taught me things.
Things I didn't have to learn because I saw someone hooked up to a hospital machine,
But the tiny things that mattered,
Like how you should never play with you fork,
Because you could poke your eye out,
And while we're on the manner of table manners,
His constant hand grabs,
Moving plates and glasses,
Farther and farther in,
For a fear they may fall,
I was so curious of why even now when I'm not as small.
For now I wonder,
Is it so you don't fall,
So you feel safer,
Is this why u always push re plates in,
Have your little problems with everything,
And not afraid to share them with the world,
And try to push them to be perfect,
When you haven't figured out no one is,
I know that you see things in me,
No one else does that I don't even see,
All the potential and this future you constantly go on and on about,
And I think to my self what future,
But you don't give an inch,
And tell me I'm worth something,
That means something to me,
They say you don't chose your family
But I would of chose you still,
Your still going to be old and stubborn,
Like the old folks are,
But your unique in your pushy way,
That wouldn't of honestly made me care about you as much,
If you weren't the way you were,
I love you times every plate you pushed in at dinner,
To ever time you told me to stop playing with my fork when I was eating,
And nothing will change that,
Like nothing should ever change you,
And like you've taught me,
Don't change for anyone but you,
And to push myself to go the distance,
Un edited, staying with my gma and gpa so I figured why not, also why I haven't posted in a while, Ik its ******,
But My cuncussion symptoms have been though the roof latly
These China plates remind me of you
So i'm a little more cautious than normal
Because i don't want to break them
And i never want to destroy what should of never been broken
I only amend the fallen parts
And make them new
My body trembles
At the thought of you making a rash decision out of desperation
You've been throwing those words around and i get extra nervous
Because this isn't something i take lightly
It seems like i'm the only one in this imaginary small town that lends a hand
While everyone glares at us like they have a right to treat us like dirt
I want to save your life, regardless of how many people turn their back on you
I see backs all the time
People love walking away when it gets hard
I just keep going- it's what must be done
These China Plates get prettier by the year
I think it's the same for your soul
It just looks rusty because you've taken quit a few tolls
That also want extra fees
And i'm here to tell them that you already paid
Because you don't deserve any more wounds
Don't worry about me
You're the focus
The art on the China Plate
That gets unnoticed
Way too often.
But i'm the Man that takes interest in the non-perfect
And seeks to make it new again
The Misfits just lost their way
And i'm here to point the way.
It's only for a time.
Do not let the tears spill out.
But they laugh and laugh and *laugh
and I cannot handle their hands on each other and their smiles turned away from me and the complicity they share I am so
In a sea of people
I put 5 plates
On a table and I am the odd one
I stare straight at the wall.
But they laugh and laugh and laugh and do not realize we are in a different universe.

**I am the 5th plate.
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