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I can not explain the warmth of your desire
But I melt in your arms as snow melts on fire
Curves of your body show glow from attire
My eyes are on beauty to relentlessly admire

My sweetheart burn me with your fiery glow
Let me in your sensual stream to bloom,flow
Please do not spoil this season of love in a row
What ever is the price of beauty I know, I know

Lovers burn in burning fire to celebrate audacity
To all terms and conditions of beauty they agree
When they surround nothing else but real beauty
Love has no caste, no creed, no religion, no country

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2016
morning bleeds in
then blazes
the sky pierced open by one hot star
night melts away, slinky black cat
A-S Aug 2014
I cant breathe,
thinking of you.
My heart stops
thinking of you.
My words stumble,
thinking of you.

When I think of you
I am not me.
Äŧül Jul 2014
Baby hear what the wind says,
It carries my light voiced words,
Listen to it a bit carefully baby.

Listen to really simple words,
It's more than just lovely words,
Baby trust my loving promise.

When you come to me, lover,
Come swinging your waistline,
You're coming to me, smiling.

You shared all your warmth,
Come now ******* tastebuds,
When I call you in my arms.

Then as you fall in my arms,
I envelope you in my embrace,
We will sleep while hugging.

We cling to each other tight,
I hold your sides and pull you,
Then smile as we are asleep.

You are my ice cream cone,
My ice-cream melts in your arms,
Get lost in *our mutual love.
My HP Poem #657
©Atul Kaushal
Sending you a message from a
Mile away, wishing
I had everything you wanted,
Longing for the day and
Every day after that
Someone I love will notice me.

But you are untouchable,
Yellow in a silver world.

Melt my heart as
Easily as the sun melts ice.

Although it hurts,
Through this pain I learn to smile.

You are worth it to me.
Open I come and will stay
Until you close the door on me.

*~Smiles by me at you~
Zigeuner Definition: A wandering gypsy.
Katie Nicole May 2014
the water cools my nerves
the trees inspire my strength

my soul delights in the happy birds
and the sun melts the ice from my heart

nothing cleanses like a river
Can you find it?

— The End —