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cici Mar 15
the night is long and I am a short woman -
moved by the breeze, gazing at the stars.
the night is long, and at length unknown,
but as a holder of giants, and the planets afar.
cici Mar 13
I gather myself tightly
and charge at the horizon
for I know no other way
to carry this heart

slowly, clumsily
I shake off mud when it's clinging
sharpen my spears
I learn to make art
I think true art is becoming beautiful, and beauty is being the best human you can be
cici Mar 8
under the riverbed
the moon scatters silver
you carefully gather

whatever you can hold blue
shadows hang heavy
as your waterlogged pants
you still scoop, smiling

full pieces of our dreams
lodged between your fingers
water streams down your face
both sweat and tears ever sweet

i ready the basket
poised like a midnight crane
barely stirring in wane

several moments of pause,
and you look for me and
gaze with bottomless eyes
searching, for me asking
any reason, any sense, why
why won't I swim in the moonlight?
cici Mar 7
oh stone of my heart, can you blossom beautifully?
can you let your cracks heal even incongruently?
can you take a seed, and by the sunlit sea
watch the unfolding: lilacs and daffodils, on earth gray and green
flowers grow with simple ingredients, isn't there some meaning in that?
cici Mar 5
a picturesque portrait nailed
over the glass askew;
you're running, always running
from the truth of what you'll do
cici Mar 4
some days are like long nights
swallowing the bitter pill -
we strive to reach the spring
cici Mar 3
under the glaze of morning dew,
a burning numbness in these bones
can't help but remember back,
to joints frozen in fallatical fear
of harsh quakes and subtle lacks
greased anchors lumbering
never dodging any attack
lodged bullets long missing
crashing craters in a hollow back
and I too awkward and dumbstruck
too shortsighted to fire back


jolts jitter these bones every so long
reminders of the cavities mentioned in song
carved harshly inlaid
structuring your days
even if you thought they had gone


you were the same body who
cracks and curves too
the world is itself
you can't be anyone else
so live now by moving you

(remember, reason)

to sail the ocean blue,
tides turning in every hue
you must seal the hull,
drain your skull
learn to trust anew

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