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OpenWorldView Sep 2019
we stood in the cold
looking into each other
just before we kissed
adept Jul 2019
the metaphor for the phenomenons of the world
who we come to for advice, guidance, wisdom
i can’t find my way
i have no faith
but i’m searching
life is hard. we r all trying
bk Jul 2019
A good friend is made by getting along with someone.
A best friend is made by finding a part of yourself in someone.
gd bubb Jul 2019
One day I'll swim the Atlantic
and drown my sorrow.
Give me brick, clay and
the willpower to stop my
muscles from aching as I
have a lot left to claw
my way into.
I won't be scared by
the absence of the sun.
I won't be scared by
the unfamiliar record
in the background.
The blank stare into the
openness of the future.
Enlighten me with the
iridescent colours I have
longed for that don't
represent the ones I know.
I don't know you.
I don't know this.
Murakami Jul 2019
Before I could remember
I was lost, and without myself
having no one else
How could it be lonely?
For no one was even there,
At least I wasn't

"I'll take time to find myself"
Never something I asked,
But it wasn't a choice, or a need
I found myself in feeling the stars
While the sand brought me to reality
The sunset wasn't warm, it was leaving

As it left, an inverse shadow
Burned into my memory, a time of company
And loneliness flooded my room
Loneliness of not finding my way out
And i found the coldest was the potential of warmth
Fall found me and the snow fell around us

In illusion, once again,
Looking in your eyes, I lost myself
But I wasn't alone-
Little did I know
that I would find myself
in you.
Better to be encourager
Than to be critical
CopyCat finding CopyRat.

©Feelings Coated
Ms Alexa finding Mr Siri
©Feelings Coated
Alaina Moore Jun 2019
Personal Devil spouting whispers directly into my consciousness.
Streamlined for exaggerated effect.
The internal constant critic of every action and thought.
Highlighting what could have been better in a way so far from constructive I'd need to update my passport to have a chance to see positivity.
Never harping on what was good, what was done exceptionally well.
Only dissatisfied with how it wasn't perfect.
The stark reminder that my toxic self is standing right behind me.
Carmen Jane Jun 2019
I'm not the same since you have left,
In my ribcage, there was a theft
A heart was missing and nothing else
It no more beats and no more melts
As it is gone

I walked with hollowed chest,like that
They might have cursed and might have spat,
I think I might have blocked their sight,
Dragging my old soul - with missing heart,
As it is gone.

I know I'll find my heart when I'll find you
I can't just give up,I can't say adieu
My heart will tell you,  just listen closer
I was not born to be a poser,
I'll find you.
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