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Jack R Fehlmann Jan 2022
much as one such as You
the One just might
resemble the bright,
beautiful moment
morning commanding the dark
retreat. you come. retreat
You are, breath-taking, brilliant
warming and blindingly right
welcomed and  cherished
first rays to come following
you are my sun in life
Jack R Fehlmann Jan 2022
Passing pendulum's;
Whispered sweeping, movement
Marks singular a moment;
Touches a greater
plural; Other's
In time / One
Mine; Life
Half lived / Measured
Two; Yours and yet
More views from;
Moment One
I, never learn of;
One only Prior / Goes
hopeful though
Swinging moment passes
what Into; another
One Ended / One without
Yet, Not when chosen
Viewed as Another may have
A misunderstood; half-lived life
Passed; Present
My own having known
You in it
Jack R Fehlmann Dec 2021
If, familiarity and formal views choose
Why not Me?  Over your petty pretty portrayal.
May it might be that my graceless train wreck
chain of always pleasing those, and these, we fools
As lovely and well practiced a beauty spinning
pole-struck, thighs, eyes, dizzyingly ****
as the version before, this one knew to do
Or use any, every, curve, as lustful and,  oh.
Let the vibes and lights try to chase that
which I know only in fantasized thoughts
cause though I know, you know I do want
I'm well passed given up and chasing new
trading being treated well, for the hell you
do your unknowing best to sell the fool that
knew you so well.
Jack R Fehlmann Dec 2021
I think I want to change

Feel that I am ready

Living as I have this way

Leaves me alone and empty

I think I need to change

How can I be myself

any other way than now

but it is said people change

I need help.
Jack R Fehlmann Dec 2021
Cold floor; Dark room prison
So trying the mind can be.
Open door; yet I remain
Nearly motionless; a stone.
Bathed in shades of shadow.
Contemplating the right way
If I can be; If I am willing
Staring at the floor unfocused
Could the answer be beneath
Buried; Hidden
Could Be...
Jack R Fehlmann Dec 2021
A shadow hides beneath
at the zenith as it reaches
the smallest projection
of how the gods must view me.
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