Might be I chose this rotten rut

Stinging lights that scream as they do

Whilst loose fronts invite but seed off

Why not im lighter because of the effort

Imagination fell short.
Just the moments before dawn
Me, myself, wrapped in tight midnight fabrics
Reading to write, more or less
at a familiar  none creative not real
Losing always at this art of lost
But I miss her, I miss suzy.
And no word or rhyme will fix
That I tried too little though I tried.
Now those are the only prize.
Awakened daylight demanding
Fresh eyes face life yet accepted
Better the unknown horizons
To ease the dreams just left
Though hurt lingering remains
Seemingly forever mine caught
By practiced smile though thin
Called upon when needed
Thoughts did not tame ruin dreams
Answering each occasion I fall
To awaken hoping to exercise these
Demons and lay this pain
Lively and open owning broken
As I am imperfect and ashamed
Today's eyes caused temporary relief
From the dreams loss causes
In secret and uninvited
Life is much like a train ride
Getting aboard is being borne
With the scenery your life
At first the things seen roll by
Slowly, scene to scene
As the train gains its hold
And the speed grows
Those scenes grow to blurs
And they are there only if you focus
Then disappear in the distance
Followed by so much you missed
Then things slow
You desperately take in the view
Cause as they do you know
When this train stops its roll
End of its line
End of your line.
Seems to short and unfair
How quickly you arrived
How little you saw
Too little,  too late.
I do believe we are even
Even as we balk about *******
The evidence is screaming
And words do little to camouflage
Disrespect as they implicate
This loss of decency is quiet
Abusing the trusting fool
upon the hearts of good men
Just the tender parts are eaten
So scars build in the empty spaces
Scars taste bitter and so too those men
Come upon the realization
In this type of heated conversation
Where voices raised are laced
Disbelief, comprehension, frustration
Weaving into acceptance and loss
Swearing not to be fooled again
Heart won't last, nothing left...
but it's beating
Felt it in subtle way
Clues that she betrays
I move close though
She seems to go off away
I begin to see it
Even If she says different
We ain't going to make it
Welcome to the final days
Love this far gone
It won't be much longer
When i choose not to
And she keeps going
Welcome to the ending
This is where we are love.
Where i am
You just walk away.
The end.
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