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In either way, two horizon lines
One is from which I've made my way
My yesterday's and every scene I've seen
To this brief hesitant moment between
I which my place of reflection plays
Ahead are the days unknown to me unplayed
What lay in wait for me there?
The moment ends as time again my master
Another moment to mark such acceptance
Better i face what is to come than pretend at any way to change or revisit those of my yesterday's as this cannot be done.
It started off with the ignorance of youth
I needed to be the best at all but myself
Making me a need in me that wrestled control
To do anything, say all the words, promising
One look for some, another to my mother
Half truths found live far less than lies seem to
Circles of talk, deceptively led to life so lonely
They all saw my rouse, they walked away
Only myself the fool to believe myself in truth
I only wanted to be liked, only lied to be so
But fake is to be cut loose, and as I am and have been, I no longer know in truth who I really am.  Now here.  Now lost to who I am or what I want.  Conclusion less.
In this may be found
Breath taking
Sums of plunder and power
Beyond the fabled ether
As God's have come to fall
I am forever, worth these folds
Creases against the very necks
Passion beating flowing within
Calling and craving to be known
Sense and far opposite talent
Do I plan my tale as confession
Before the all knowing masses
Lest they label or offer less interest
I choose no filters or  any other rule
So the bitterest tasting flesh is
Uncooked fresh and ****** digested.
Lost sight, floundered and posted anyway
To record my thoughts as they honestly are.
When far off the man I may be then reads and wonders what on earth had I been thinking.
I would
If only I with emotion
Could write

Such connection
Inside I
Allow for moments

Of memory
Honest retrospective
Causes and effects

To the world
The countless unknown
Others to confess

I am
I have been
Done against
Victim of

Life is lessons
Each their own
To share mine
Is to question

Am I alone
As I feel such
Beautiful yet, those
Constructed misdirections
Barbed and sharp
Lacerations left behind
Belied the severity
The depth of which
Truth now sheds light
Yet to face weak denial

How am i
What thoughts bitter
Like bile at such
Loss of trust
Cost of those lies
As such I loved faithfully
To wound this fool
Your actions stain
And betrayal so careless

Makes the ending
A place of hate
As I am that price
We are that ending
I ask why?
Lies steal any closure
And I never heal.
Beneath the waves of loss
Or shouted down from Olympic heights
Encouragement resounds most
Though nearly useless muted
By this perspective
If you can imagine
Ink in the oceans
Howling storms
Scouring winds raging
Unstoppable tsunamis
Uncaring plagues
Forests of untamed flames
Spewing ash enveloping
Fuel for chemical skies
Acid water drops falling
Stripping the plains
Seeping and brewing
All the way through
Imagine now nothing
The remains dissolve
Only dust and clay
Barren and beaten
Vistas in cracked forgotten
Fragments of once great
Lay to fates of nothing
Familiar places hollow
All gone to hellish endings
Feel the emptiness
The taste of sadness
Loneliness that aches

Maybe then you might understand
This is how it is inside

how I feel
each and every day

See how nothing

My end of days
Are endless.
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