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Asominate Dec 2019
Education's so expensive!
But what would happen when I run out of sanity to pay?
Sometimes I'm so broke, I can't afford to pay attention.
Started university... yeah.
sushii Sep 2019
as i walk upon this ground—
your ground,
i suddenly miss you,
my native brothers.

the oak trees twist and turn
signaling the return of my soul
and the loss of yours

on behalf of my kind, i truly apologize
we stole your land
and murdered you all

your statement was right—
no one can own the Earth.
we have tried,
and look where it brought us.

now we are burning up
at the expense of prosperity
and sacrificing longevity

native american blood
flows deeper, beyond fossil fuels
underneath the fracking
there’s truth buried somewhere

i can feel it, i definitely can
i wish i could scream to everyone,
“they were right!”

i wish i could scream to everyone
i wish i could bleed myself
to show them what we have lost...
to show them who you have lost.

native american blood
dries and coagulates accordingly
to our war rules

native american blood
flows no longer
stagnant in our marginalized hearts

native american truth
was our last hope
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2018
She spend million $
Thousand hours

I spend 1 min
Few clicks

The result is the same
Genre: Experimental
Theme: I think, you understand
some have totally rejected
the protocols that were
carefully written down
choosing not to heed
their intent
taking the approach
of we'll follow
an unconstrained

the conventions state
in a transparent glass
never of our purpose
should there be
any unpermitted

adhering to terms and conditions
isn't an arduous task
they're so concise in respect
of what they ask

some enjoy free wheeling
though it will come at an expense
for not to remain within the parameters
means a quick despense
A work colleague and I were talking about our work place protocols. After the discussion, I decided to pen a poem on that theme.
rey Sep 2017
i was not protected safely in my mother’s womb for 9 months to be treated this way
i was not raised by two parents who love me dearly to be treated this way
i was not held by friends who wiped away my tears to be treated this way
i was not born to help you grow up
i am not here to help you mature or to show you the way
**** your *******
i’m tired of being stepped on for male growth
you will not mature at my expense
take your **** and **** elsewhere
my destiny does not align with yours, as much as your possessiveness believes to be true
i may have given myself to you for a mere second
but this is only a year amidst many, baby
and if you can’t take it on your own
then goodbye and farewell
i bid you adieu
good luck with your ****
good luck finding someone to wipe your *** for the rest of your life
Autumn Whipple Mar 2017
Life is
There's phone bills
Water bills
Transit books soap netflix toothpaste food rent
To buy
And it's a lot more
Than I was ever
Prepared for.
**** girl adulting is hard.

— The End —