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little lion Feb 17
This morning, the world woke up without me.
Daylight crested above the trees, where bird-songs filled the crisp winter air and squirrels began scurrying through frost-bitten yards.
                                                          ­                                Neighbors went about their day, putting children on school buses before bustling themselves to work. The mailman came and left, dropping off packages filled with useless purchases and magazine subscriptions that sit piled in corners, gathering dust.
Hallways filled with swarms of students eager for the final bell. Lockers slammed and classroom seats filled, my desk being the only one left empty
                                                           ­                               (second row from the front, farthest to the right or left, whichever was opposite of the door. Perfect view of the clock, the whiteboard, the teacher, and everyone who entered and exited the room.)
Emails went unanswered, books left unfinished, my room left untouched... a thin layer of dust began to collect atop my existence that went unnoticed.
Unnoticed by them, unnoticed by you.
You never noticed me, and you never will.
little lion Jan 28
It's funny how easy it has become
to break someone's heart.

Mere seconds of fingers flying across a keyboard
is enough to shatter their world,
and the only warning they get is
three little dots...

Then there's nothing but silence...
and they're left to pick up the pieces
of the cracks that go deeper
than just the screen.

Cracks that can't be fixed by a kiosk or by mail-order replacement.
No. These cracks...
                                                                ­             they're permanent.
Words seem to hurt more when you have to see them laying in front of you...
  Jan 27 little lion
I might be the poet

Maker of countless words

Creating art, portraying life in every verse

But you, my favorite person of this earth

The reason these words and thoughts are given birth
little lion Jan 24
I wonder if I'll ever know what it feels like
to wake up each morning
to a life
that's actually worth living.
little lion Nov 2018
I fear that I may never see the
that others claim to see in me.
I fear that I will never wake up and be Proud
of the woman that my mirror reflects.
I fear that I will never be good enough to Succeed
at the things that I love.

There is nothing I want more
Than to be able to love myself
The way that you claim to.

But I cannot see
What is not truly there...
little lion Apr 2018
I wish I could go back the days when
I was more than just a victim,
those days filled with frontflips on trampolines and playdates with friends
never seemed so important

Now the time just passes
ticking by like clockwork
while I sit here waiting for the scars to
heal so that
I can at least
the way I did before.
little lion Feb 2018
sleepless nights
sleepless night
sleepless nigh
sleepless nig
sleepless ni
sleepless n
sleeping a
sleeping al
sleeping alo
sleeping alon
sleeping alone
sleeping alone.
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