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little lion Dec 2023
there is nothing quite like the devastation
of seeing yourself reflected in a window
that looks in on a happiness
that is not your own.
my heart feels like it's choking
little lion Oct 2023
god oh god oh god oh god

please send me somebody to love.

it's not even poetry anymore... it's prayers.
i'm desperate
little lion Aug 2023
nobody will ever be good enough for you,
will they?

I'll never be,
will I?
just tired of it all
little lion Aug 2023
i don't want to be resilient anymore.
Pretending to be strong is a full time job.
little lion May 2023
if only love weren't so...


maybe then, I could

enjoy it.
little lion Feb 2023
your shoes next to mine on the rack,
our toothbrushes in the same cup,
the way I know your coffee order
without even having to ask.

the good things never last.
little lion Dec 2022
i'd stopped writing poetry
when i first met you...
i didn't need to anymore.

it's been a year now
and all i need is you.

but it's been so long that i've forgotten how to write.
please just love me
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