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Pockets Aug 2020
Everyday is a highway
Every hour a missed exit
Life is just a truck stop
Till you make up your mind on the destination
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by Michael R. Burch

what would u give
to simply not exist—
for a painless exit?
he asked himself, uncertain.

then from behind
the hospital room curtain
a patient screamed—
"my life!"

Originally published by Setu. Keywords/Tags: brexit, death, exit, suicide, euthanasia, quick, painless, hospital, patient, hospice, final, curtain, existence, nonexistence
Tori Alva Mar 2020
A cold breeze caresses my skin
Gentle, yet sharp at the touch,
My cheeks flush at sight
I gasp rushing my arms around my waist
Memories flood my mind
A smile creeps on my face
There I am, phone at hand just typing away
“Where did that girl go?”, I wonder
The feeling of nostalgia takes over
Only that this time, it’s for the worst
Tears stream slowly as if time decided to torture me once again
This pain will never go away
Regain your strength beautiful,
I whisper to myself over and over again
I need to get back, or I’ll be gone forever
Wipe away those tears
Blink them away if you must
I’m up ready to face the world but first,
Let me plaster a fake smile
That’s what I do best
For I am a master at this
hope it’s good enough
…And this voice is
waiting for a voice
to disable this voice

©Feelings Coated
Disable? Exit-Delete-End Life
mjad Dec 2019
It will all stop abruptly
I'll be hit with a lack of presence
New cold hands
No more forehead kisses
No more late night cuddles
That get us in trouble
Because we sleep all night
And miss class the next morning
The drives around town when the sun is down
Unplanned pizza stops
With jam sessions in the car after
All will become a thing of the past
I don't want to believe it will happen
But I know that you will leave
Walk out my room, and never drive back
Exiting abruptly
i wrote this two months before it happened
J J Aug 2019
There she stands,
An angel with broken hands,
An angel with stones for wings,
She sings the sun away
And spins timorous sky ashade
Of wonder, thunder row'n’ down
Her body, she sang of me
As I died asleep

Another night, my eyes too worn to cry,
Too alone for an expression of lonliness
     To bare any meaning.

The sapphire trail
Skylark doled to drain
The riverrun grass of
       Substance built.

Lifted in hypoxic transcendence
Glistening with light, ****** gold,
Skin to lilt, and touch to felt
And dawn rotted unto morning
With one less life having made it.
Kaede Aug 2019
Maybe that is the saddest part of your story

He just waited for you to leave, to give up, to lose hope.

But you didn't. You will not.

But he already thought you finally did.
Was it my fault again?
Tony Tweedy Jun 2019
A view of this world distorted by eyes now welled with tears.
More broken and alone than at anytime in all my younger years.

No sign of reason and nothing to sustain progress to a future way.
Just the futility that lays ahead as I face yet one more pointless day.

Scream out to the deafness, in pain so deep, of the peril that I am in.
Resolved to the reality there are no ears, and I have no way to win.

Long has been my fight since I fell to this most desperate place.
Knowing an escape by my own hand will not even leave a trace.

To end my continual pain and this life of lonely deep despair.
And with certainty just knowing, no one knows I was even there.

No one left to notice or care how far I fall.
Any path without this pain again a very welcomed call.
So very tired of being here again...
Not afraid in the normal sense... just tired that I am here again.
Peeled layer by layer...
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