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EmVidar 11h
I wonder
if you're love was real
or if I was just
a convenience

-em vidar
thank you to those who listen to my words, because you never did
EmVidar 1d
I don't know
why I apologize
for everything
loving you

-em vidar
you deserve better. I hope you find the love you desire
EmVidar 2d
I wonder how much
we say to each other is true
You always say the right thing
and I doubt your sincerity
It's not like
I'm always on the ball
I'm human and stumble sometimes
but you
never falter
and I wonder
if I'm insecure
or if
I don't know the truth

-em vidar
i wake up
in pain
the kind i can't explain
why don't you see
why don't you care
just expecting me to move on
from yesterdays failures
all of my underachievements
my potential wrongs
and i probably would
if you didn't constantly
bring them up
being around you
is a reminder of why
i'm not enough
and i have tried
to numb myself
but it hurts just the same
but i'll keep it to myself
you don't care to
hear me complain
i just wish you understood
but i can't expect you
to know
being around you willingly
blow after blow
bruised after you're done
accepting the way
things are
to you i am
just another
bleeding heart
EmVidar 3d
I like your nose
and how it is incapable of moving
unless you are really happy
I like your hair
how it always falls into your eyes
and you still won't get a hair cut
I like your hands
even though you think they're always too sweaty
If they are, I haven't noticed when our fingers are intertwined
I like your arms
because before a simple brush of them sent a shock through mine
and now they feel like home

-em vidar
I love all the things that make you
EmVidar 4d
As we lay
our bodies intertwined
She looked up and asked
"How much do you love me?"
Tracing my pinky finger from her lips
down to the crescent birth mark over her heart I said
"As many atoms that exist from here to there".

-em vidar
EmVidar 5d
I can't sleep tonight
for when I close my eyes
I only see your face and remember the moments I didn't tell you
how much I love you

-em vidar
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