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EmVidar Aug 2020
Forgive and Forgive
do you also forget?
Is that way there's always a space
for him to come back?

-em vidar
EmVidar Aug 2020
Each time I end up here
your words ring in my head
"only the insane, keep doing things the same"
you never said anything about what happens
if heart break comes
from different pains.

-em vidar
EmVidar May 2020
of the things
you used to say
but you're gone now
so why did the fear stay

-em vidar
EmVidar Apr 2020
how are you doing these days?
It seems like so much has happened
and you used to play a big part

-em vidar
EmVidar Apr 2020
Can you love me
and live in quiet moments
you lived so largely
could you be happy
with just me?

-em vidar
EmVidar Apr 2020
we thought it would be easier
time would change it
now all we have is time
and i only feel
left behind

-em vidar
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