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EmVidar 3d
How do you decide
what is right
when both options
aren't easy
and both result
in broken hearts

-em vidar
EmVidar Sep 26
I'm learning
I didn't deserve
your type
of love

-em vidar
EmVidar Sep 25
It wasn't from
lack of love
or trying
just us pretending
for too long
to be
what the other

-em vidar
EmVidar Sep 23
I'm trying
to understand
why I still care
when I know that
I had to leave
we'd have drowned

-em vidar
EmVidar Sep 15
The colour of your skin
masked the marks
you had left
while mine bared it all
hidden only by the
I allowed myself to tell

-em vidar
EmVidar Sep 14
We made promises
but never with the intention
of keeping them

-em vidar
EmVidar Sep 1
I wonder
if you were looking
to be saved
the way
you always claimed
you were doing
for me
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