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EmVidar Dec 2022
some how
the months have passed easily
in your absence

-em vidar
EmVidar Oct 2022
When do I stop hoping
for the apologies
I know will never come

-em vidar
EmVidar Oct 2022
I must have loved you
at one point
These lingering emotions must have been created
to fill the void left
from the absence of love

-em vidar
EmVidar Sep 2022
Is it alright
to wish you well
when I know the truth
you chose to ignore

-em vidar
EmVidar Sep 2022
I have evidence,
of a time I don't remember existing.
We've drifted so far
from that moment
we are no longer
tethered to it

-em vidar
EmVidar Aug 2022
The biggest lie
I have told myself
is that I am honest.
Which is true,
Except when it comes to you.

I don't know if we could ever be honest.

-em vidar
EmVidar Aug 2022
When did it stop being
what I thought it was,
No distinction between the two,
It just was
and now isn't
I've only now realized
what it is
is not what it was

-em vidar
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