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Amman/Jordan    16, reading was the only thing i mastered the past few months ! you can lock me in a room with a plenty of books ...
19/F/BWN    An outlet.


preservationman Sep 2018
Arriving but never staying long
I guess the theory is he doesn’t need to belong
But that is the way it is
It may sound like a fiss
But the ongoing continuous moment is truly his
Moving at a fast pace
One would think Mr. Exit has entered a race
But from time to time one will meet face to face
Some might feel Mr. Exit is from Outer Space
He’s a human being from Earth
Mr. Exit is a person who arrives but abruptly leaves
Revolving thought
An idea of sought
Mr. Exit being like no other
But in the crowd he’s just another
I tell you the truth
Yes, I still have my youth
Mr. Exit does his thing
The movement being his sling
So while Mr. Exit gets ready to depart
Now let’s make our start
Mr. Exit just left, and made his mark.
jeffrey conyers Mar 2014
Love exit, my body.
Love exit, my soul.
Love went out of my heart along time ago.

Love exit, my mind.
Love exit, my eyes.
I rather act blind when I see it.

Just the mention of it in anyone breath.
Make me question, why they want it?
We obviously aware, it has no worth.
Many states, it's priceless.

Except, love exit me.
And I'm in no hurry to feel it.
Really doesn't miss it.
Until I see others happy.

Just walking and smiling.
Then I question, myself again.
To why?
I let love exit me.
theo holland Oct 2011
Emergency exit,
The escape for the desperate,
Afraid of where they are,
Panic fills the mind of the desperate,
Finding the thoughts they thought
Were left behind, the past is wrought
With steal and lies, too strong to be forgot,
Shame stays within,
Rising up in emergency situations, to those now needing an exit.
The desperate are too high on the drug
Of the mind, me myself and I, and shrug
Off the responsibility of helping others, stop cleaning the rug
Of the man, to find an exit away and emerge better.
Attempts made to forget,
But the desperate know the consequences
Of the situation, of the emergency, a repeated sequence
Of violence and death, so the desperate don’t have the sense
To help others find the emergency exit, just them.
Weakness clings,
So while the desperate survive and climb
They are really being propelled by the crime
Of the dead members and minds they left behind
Stop the violence, the meekness, and exit from the emergency,
Accept the past and make the person, whole.