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Max Nov 2020
Material, it’s just something to make into something more right,
Material can make you happy for a second but it doesn’t last,
Seemingly nothing gives me the serotonin I oh so crave,
But receiving something new gives me that good 15 seconds of remembering that feeling,
But no, things can’t make you happy,
Situations, memories, people.. they make you happy,, right?
Sometimes those memories are too far away and you haven’t seen those situations in days,
But the people, the people do their best, but their best isn’t always enough, like that 15 seconds
It may seem like I’m horrible, the only time I can get happy is buying things to fill a void that was never meant to be full,
But it’s okay, right? Because I’m not filling it with drugs or bad people , no,
I’m filling it with that good 15 seconds where I remember what it’s like to feel alive.
George Krokos Jan 2020
It seems that as long as we have all got some money to spend
there are those who their friendship in some degree will lend.
The value of people though isn’t due to their amount of coin
but what they have to offer to benefit others that will enjoin.
From "The Quatrains" on going writings since the early '90's
Syamil Faisal Mar 2019
Minimise distraction
Maximise intention.

Minimise commodity fetishism
Maximise giving out love.

Love people, use things.
The opposite never works.
Haley Oct 2018
Time is a commodity, too.
We spend it recklessly on social media and snooze buttons,
constantly digging a rut of debt with our inattentive minds.

We trade so much for our each and every paycheck,
yet we don't flinch at the loss of minutes on a pocket watch,
so don't ask me where this world has gone.
Sometimes the outcome
is not what we  had hoped for
Don't put your hope in something
That isn't rock solid
It could have negative results.
Ha ha this disappointment  turned into a suprise
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