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Beckie Davies Nov 14
Some things are inevitable
Some things are out of our control
The day your spouse cheats on you
The day your parent leaves this world
These are things we do not have a hold on

We like to think we call the shots
We like to think we are in command
Don't be fooled into thinking that you can play God
Life is a game of luck and random chance
You do not get to pick your hand
We are not the designer of this plan

Some things are inevitable
The grave is one of those
The first step to peace is finding release
So take a deep breath and let go
letting go of inevitability
Alex Aug 10
A gift
A curse
Forseeing future
But its inevitably
It is a lifetime
But It has boundaries
Whenever you think
If one person
Never learns to read signs
Your signs
You lose again
From trying to save another life
Isabine Apr 6
Nothing resists forever
Nothing outlasts time
Our hearts thump
With the manifest certainty of
A graveyard’s slow march over an empty field
Passed a graveyard today, and I thought of how it keeps moving, like a rising tide along the shore, into the next open field.
Heavy Hearted Jan 17
when I hold
my own hands
My imagination does ensue
they arent burning
in the cold
and are somehow holding you

And when, away it is you slip, my hands hold tightly still onto
the belief you now know and understand- to me,
What these evil drugs did do.

And in death, maybe you'll
Feel what these constant aches

when I'm holding my own hands,  
it's to pretend that one's s from you
and to comfort my sore soul as
As  life were still all
Sufferings through.
Our parents daughters and sons
Logan Aug 2019
I understand the fragility of relationships.
Far more volatile than supernovas:
At the very least stars mature before their final flicker.
Relationships on the other hand can fade, or collapse at any moment.
For this reason alone I hold you like it’s the last time.
In truth, it might be.
Herb Apr 2019
Looking in a mirror
I saw the back of my head
I saw how things will end
Long after I am dead

I saw the mountains crumbling
Reduced to gritty sand
Transported to the oceans
Until there was no land

The Seven Seas were one
And covered all the Earth
Our past erased by water
A planet in rebirth

The atmosphere was heating
At an ever increasing pace
The ocean started boiling
And blew off in to space

A rocky ball in orbit
Spinning around the Sun
Like many worlds before it
Whose course had finally run

Then out of the cold black ether
Too random for understanding
A force came to bear in an instant
Unopposable, and demanding

Pushed from it's usual pathway
By an ancient asteroid
Earth was sent on a tangent
Into the mysterious void
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Looking in a mirror
Some answers came to me
But I don't know all the questions
And what will truly be

Everything we know now
Will see it's end of days
The meaning of life eludes us
It did...  and will always
Saint Audrey Feb 2019
It's in obscure recollection
I wonder if it's falsified
Hesitant about the path I can't abandon now
Finding new ways to survive

Bathed in the rays of the sun
Fraught with uncertainty
I wasn't prepared for the atmosphere
Losing my chance to speak

I never had a key
It fell in place
Though I still sleep
I hold to grace
Hoping to recover what's around me

I guess It's still on me
I don't feel the same
Lost in this sleep
I hold to grace
With the colors all around me

But your words
They always bleed through

I'm aware
You think the ways I do

And your words
They always ring true

And your words
They'll always bleed through
Colm Nov 2018
No amount of organization
Or busyness
Or peace of mind
Can keep you from it

The realizations
Of these
Of this
Of time

Endless and dripping
Reaching from an eternity of ripples
Beneath lakeside pines

Just as no amount of distraction
Can keep you from within
From your own mind
Humanity, Inevitability
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