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Michael Marro Feb 2020
"I Love You"
is simply the Cliff Notes
of my story about you!

(You should let me read it to you sometime!)
Michael Marro Feb 2020
Then She Appeared
In a Lonely Place
                                           (The Smithereens)          
Holding Out for a Hero
                                                  (Bonnie Tyler)          
Heartbreak Girl
                                   (5 Seconds of Summer)        
I Will Follow You        
Talk to Me            
                                                   (Stevie Nicks)
Say You Like Me  
                                                 (We the Kings)
See A Little Light      
                                                     (Bob Mould)
Wherever We Are  
                                                     (Oh Gravity)
(I’ll) Take You Home
                                                    (Scars on 45)

Come to Me
                                                (Goo Goo Dolls)          
(I) Miss You Like Hell
(I Know I Can) Treat You Better
                                              (Shawn Mendes)          
(In a) New Light
                                                    (John Mayer)          

Eyes on You  
                                                 (Kings of Leon)
Crazy Beautiful
                                             (Andy Grammer)
Something Good Can Work
                                      (2 Door Cinema Club)
Swimming in the Moonlight
                                                         (Bad Suns)
                                         (Matchbox Twenty)
A "playlist poetry" challenge.
I just hope she gets to listen to it someday.
Michael Marro Feb 2020
As long as there is breath in my bones
I promise you will never be alone
Whether at your side or from afar
I love you for who you are
Let me be your strength at night
Even when I'm out of sight
Let this thought aid in following through
My heart is always with you
I wish I could have told her this today
Michael Marro Jan 2020
What dreams may come; they darken still
Memories tear at my weakened will
Your face, your joy, tell me true
You hold that he is the one for you
My heart, my soul, the constant ache
For opportune chances I did not take
Two years gone by since my confession
A scorched eternity of loving obsession
Each day regret for choices made
For vows I kept when I should have strayed
So I face love left unspoken
An empty pedestal reluctantly broken
Someday we'll stand eye-to-eye, toe-to-toe
With passion tempered, I'll need you to know
- My focus was clear, my intentions were true
- All said & done, I believe you were the one
- Because my life, my world, my soul
- Are nothing without you
I miss you, My Love.
Playing off Beautifully Broken's "Exhausted" on HelloPoetry
Michael Marro Jan 2020
There are noxious nights when the buried blade in my heart twists tight, driving me to despair.
I find myself at
- the ridges of reason
- the shoals of sorrow
- the heights of hope
                             the depths of darkness
excavating every cadaverous corner of my mind.
I am searching for a beacon to guide me back to her. It is then that I realize the truth ...
🕯Appo Deepo Bhava 🕯
Inspired by Sheryl Way's  "Invisible" on Poetizer.
Michael Marro Jan 2020
Each instance of abscence is an empty
     eternity. Sometimes I feel I only exist to
     remember why I love her.
My thoughts wander widely as each well-
     worn way I travel leads me past echoes of
     her. They deafen me.
Gilded memories with polished patinas from
     the fabric of my life. Their luster still
     illuminates the hope I hold.
Inspired by ZZ's "Far Away" on HelloPoetry (in "A Place for Sharing" collection)
Michael Marro Jan 2020
It hurts
If you are out of my life forever
Leave my head and heart
Let the lethe swallow me whole
Strip me bear, replace my soul
With a obsidian core
That falls swiftly into slumber's embrace
Michael Marro Jan 2020
I see you everywhere in the voids between the seconds.
In solitude, in crowds, and I've grown
Reluctantly comfortable with the habit
Of ignoring your absence.
But there are inescapable moments
Doing life's most banal burdens
When I'm overcome
By a spectre of a sense that never was
And I drown in the sense that never will be.
Another bad one
Michael Marro Jan 2020
A careful caress down creamy curves
A naughty neckline nibble
A shy sideways glance from seductive eyes
Be my personal Sibyl

     A patient persistence towards our goal
     A divine inspiration
     A rumpled blanket, hidden pleasure
     Causes our consummation

          A breathless moment, senses tingling
          A glistening moonlit glow
          A silent encore, the fates allow
          Sacred touch I'll never know
Michael Marro Jan 2020
Time rewritten simply means twice bitten...
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