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Andre Vrdoljak Jul 2020
I love my jimjam
Jabama jabamers  
You calls ‘em PJs
Some call ‘em pajamas

My jimjams are old
And all busted up
There’s a hole in the sleeve
Where my elbow snuck

But they still fit well
Real snug as can be
Though threads from my cuffs
Do dip in my tea

But the buttons still hold
And the pocket still carries
They keeps me warm at night
When the winter tarries

So I pop on my jimjams
‘For I hop into bed
And I curl up real tight
Once my prayers are said

I love my jimjam
Jabama jabamers
You calls ‘em PJs
Some call ‘em pajamas
just emma Feb 2020
I was proud of my new pink pajamas,
Who knew they would put me in a whole world of drama.
You lifted them ever so slightly, knowing it was only you around
So with confidence you pushed me hard to the ground.
I had been proud of my new pink pajamas,
But I could never wear them now...
You’re never safe anywhere.
while rain falls like teardrops
from gloomy clouds that
suspend over a consumerist
country. impatient people will
trample over themselves to save
money on those bargain deals.
I will remain safe in my house,
nestled up in my warm cozy
blanket with my pajamas still on,
feasting on Thanksgiving leftovers
and read a book or write a poem
and have Charles Bronson entertain
me on the movie screen but most of
all I get the purest enjoyment
forgetting about how
vicious and gruesome
the holidays can be.
there’s no other way
to spend Black Friday
and there never was
Not participating in Black Friday ever!
Austin Bauer May 2016
Why is it that every night
I change into my pajamas
Only to remove them
Ten minutes later
As I climb into bed
In my undergarments?

I reckon it is the routine
That calms me from my day,
Shedding the skin of
One day to embrace another.
It is the preparation
For my seven hour 

Sabbath where I rest 
From my seventeen hours
Of work, play, and relationships -  
Responsibilities that keep me
Too busy to take a moment
And enjoy the skin I live in. 

So each night,
I must shed that skin
In reflection of the day
That is now gone,
And rest as I prepare
Myself for another day.

Another day of busyness,
Another day of striving,
Another day of trying my best
To be the man you have
Created me to be...
To embrace who I am
In every waking moment.
Nick Moser Apr 2016
The world is only as big as it reaches.
And yes, my children, it reaches pretty far.
It's filled with millions and millions of faces just wishing to attain fame.
They want more and more of it and they need it now.
But then there are those who don't know their purpose.
They feel like they can't fit in in this far reaching world.
They are the sould dressed in black, not because they are sad.
But because they are absent.
They feel like day after day after **** day they are going down like the Titanic.
But at least the Titanic drew money.
These souls, they are left to suffer under shadows of vultures.
They don't own a mirror because they don't want to look at themselves in it anyway.
Because they're afraid if they do, they'll see what they look like.
They'll see what people see.
The disgust, the patheticness, the nerd, the goth, the dork, the ****,
The in pain.
The insane.
The mental game.
They are all taking their tolls.
But where are these people to go?
How are they to know?
How were they to know that a disorder known as bipolar would result in bringing a blade to their wrists or a noose to their throats?
Their screams can't be heard because they're being cut off by the noose.
They try so hard to escape from this far reaching world.
But they can never escape this lie we're living in.
They scratch and claw at the door like a cat wanting milk.
Because that cat had a bad day at cat school and he just wants to come back to his cat home and drink his cat milk.
And then cry himself to sleep.
And as the cat sleeps he'll have his cat dreams.
He'll dream of one day becoming top cat,  sly cat, papa cat, and even the cat's pajamas.
He'll dream of one day when he can stroll down to the corner trashcan without being harassed by the big dog names Spike from down the street.
He'll dream of mice and how things aren't nice and about his dinner, rice.
But then his dreams turn into nightmares.
Like a 50 year old losing his hair.
Or like your spouse declaring they just don't care.
They've given up.
But suddenly you awaken hearing your cat crying in the night.
And you run to him and pick him up, assuring him that he is not alone.
And it is then that you catch yourself in the hallway mirror.
You see who you are for the first time.
You see yourself, and also a dark cloud.
It's that dark cloud of denial hanging over your head.
But you also see your cat in your arms.
And you are suddenly reminded that you are not alone in this far reaching world.
This far reaching world would be alone without you.
So my children, my black wearing souls.
Pour yourself some milk and cry yourself to sleep.
But when you awaken, remember your dreams.
Put them in a file and label it "Hope."

And when you feel that you are alone at the end of this far reaching world, remember,

You're the cat's pajamas.
High Chiropractic Bills
Yuuna Jan 2015
I never want to
take off
these pajamas.
They're the ones
I was resurrected in.
Dark n Beautiful Jan 2015
My love and I were just seasonal lovers
I lost all faith in him
he was a scourge to his sensitive pride.

Today we are in a different country
Our smiles is now upside down
Our laugher is seldom heard,
Between us is the Brooklyn Bridge,
When he uses to look at me
his brown eyes tell his soul

It’s going to be colder outside,
For lovers like us,
He with his flannel pajamas
And I with my heavy pink robe and
fuzzy slippers
it's going to be a lonely winter
Chano Williams Apr 2014
There are many reasons
to not get out of bed.
Keep reading on
and remember what’s been said.
Now it could be a hangover
from a party last night.
Or recovery from pain
inflicted during a fight.
It could be a nationwide holiday,
or a self-made holiday.
Or you could be anti-social
and want everyone to go away.
Now you could be knocked out
from the fresh fumes of paint,
or maybe unbearable weather
has caused you to faint.
It could be a habit,
something done all the time,
or you could be recovering
from doing time for crime.
The bed’s too comfortable.
The alarm didn’t go off.
Graduation was yesterday.
Or you want the day to get lost.
You anticipate a day
that’s bad all the way.
You’re rebelling against your parents
and you don’t care about your grades.
Even if staying in bed
isn’t your usual form,
you could just simply want
a break from the norm.
High School English Assignment

— The End —