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Brandon Kellems Jan 2020
Does anyone like it?
Everyone runs
Into some

From time to time
Overwhelming it typically is
If you were a lone passenger...
If you are lucky enough to have companions
They can help you feel calmer
As long as you do not scare them...
There is no shame in asking for help

If you ever find your highway,
Clouded with traffic
To face it alone
Would be tragic
Having friends or someone to talk to
Can be almost magic
Ask them to guide you
Through the traffic
Arya Night Apr 2019
To the person who said my confidence disturbed them,
**** of!
Just because I can hold my head in pride,
While your soul has faded inside.
To the person who doesn’t even know my name yet believe their opinion can rule my life.
My life is mine
If I had want hate I would’ve asked what was on you mind.
To the person who say I need to be quiet
If you don’t start living,
You’ve already started dying.
To the person who said I have no shame.
You’re  right.
I have no shame, nor pride, or fear,
Because of that I will go far.
I will live life to it fullest,
While you’re left with your hate to rust.
your  words will fall on deaf ears,
As I happily live out the rest of my years.
He cries
And he is even more beautiful for it
Becky Littmann May 2014
They may think I'm not over you
because of this I write,
but trust me when I say I'm through
there wouldn't be anything you could say or do
I'll admit I'm a little bit bitter
BUT WHAT THE ****!!!, you're just a QUITTER
It's like your new jacket is missing the zipper
just like how you expected it to be there
I expected you to show me you still care
but instead I got derailed & thrown off track
blaming me for things YOU  really lack
& letting what we had slip through the crack
I will never ever come back
our break was my cue
I tried as hard as I could using all my might
but even still nothing I did was right
When little things began to spark a fight
We'd argue until each of our faces were blue
the relationship slowly tearing at the seam
we were no longer a team
but you pretended to have no clue
that's the moment I knew my worst fear was about to come true
the end to our seven years was near in sight
nothing could fix us not nails nor glue
I just need to let go & walk away, it's long overdue
this is the beginning to something new
my heart will heal over time
& loving you wasn't a crime
but being blinded by love only myself I can blame
I lost who I was along the way
I learned from it & I have no shame
but there is one more thing I'd like to say
I may have been your first
but I will never be your last
I'd rather live forever cursed then repeat the past...

— The End —