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Dylan Waits Jan 13
I meant to write about the fire
I swear I did
But you did something clever
And within you hid

As I watch it dance
I see only your hips
As I feel its warmth
I taste only your lips

If you're the fire
Then I'm the wood
That you devour
Just because you could

It's a pleasure to burn
Dylan Waits Jan 13
Spent my whole tired life
Doing what I could
To be a man
But I don't mind
When you call me your boy
Honey bee, I don't mind at all
Dylan Waits Jan 13
As high as her heels
Son of Dionysus
Red wine soaked thrills
Through a quarter life crisis

She tells me her name
I'll never remember
For flesh, for fame
For love dismembered

Her candy-coated nose
It burns like mine
Petals fall from the rose
Onto her spine
Dylan Waits Jan 13
I think maybe you're Medusa
Though I'm far from stone
Much closer to ******
Far out of my mind


I am frozen, reduced a
Man to a moment in time
When I was sober
And you were kind

— The End —