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Thera Lance Jun 2020
Shoulder to shoulder,
We walk through the halls that have become our own
Kingdom in a world not our home.

It’s funny how that works,
How we’ve become nearer to what we want of the other
But the same distance has not truly been crossed here in this place
Where we were forced to grow up again.

To say that we are closer to our goals,
To the unfinished wants of those places which exist beyond these stars,
May be a lie, but I’d like to think
That maybe there is a sliver of truth in those dreams
Which we have managed to share in our passing.
Storywise, this is sort of the sequel to An Interdimensional Ally.
Thera Lance Jun 2020
To say that we’re both far from home
Might be a bit of a stretch,
Since simple roads and passable oceans fail
To describe the true distance between worlds
Ripped apart so that only faded myths
Whisper of how once they were one.

We are not quite
Sitting right across from each other
In libraries where books scream secrets
While we glance up with the silent truth of distrust.
We are far from where we should be,
Yet if either of us want to traverse past the stars
And into the worlds that exist in mathematician numbers
And in the dreams we have at night when the other is no longer watching,
We need to do more than simply wait for that moment
Where our eyes meet once in connection rather than separation.
Thera Lance Jun 2020
It’s a tall order
Sloping miles above my head in loose handholds
That crumble to gravel at my touch,
Rolling under my feet sliding back
Further than I can crawl forward.
It hurts in scraped palms
And hearts of my own both beating
In and out of my chest.
My knees tremble at the eternity above my head.
But the view,
The sun unhindered by Earthly clouds,
The stars that I had lost sight of
Make this treacherous climb worth all the pain
Of one foolish enough to fall off the mountain the first time.
Thera Lance Jun 2020
A fool once said
That “there is power and those too weak to seek it”
As he burned upon the pyre of his own foolishness
Blinded by willful ignorance as motherhood,
The primeval weapon of life,
Descended upon him like the sparrow pair
Drive down the hawk
And the mother car gouges
The human hand that grabs at her kittens.

Love carves open fools with
Its power stretching back
To when life first raged against the death
Daring to take the newborn future of the world.
Inspired by Lily from Harry Potter
Thera Lance Jun 2020
He might bite down on it,
The glass between his lips
Swirling red with wine he swallows
While fixing withering glares
At me, who only points out the obvious
As the guests murmur among themselves,
Unaware of our little argument
That cracks the glass in my hand,
Seeping little red rivulets
Stain the white cloth underneath
As I smile, sharp teeth glinting.
He never looks away, a reassurance even when we curse one another.
Regardless of what we do, we won’t shatter.
Thera Lance Nov 2019
The dead don’t rise, but he does
Like awakening from a dream
And realizing that the only eternal thing
In this decaying universe is himself.

The body looks the same
The ash on his tongue possesses the same flavor as at the time of death,
A goal that will elude him unlike the rest
Who will never be trapped by the fear
Of their actions haunting them forever.
The Downside of eternal life is the haunting nature of all one's mistakes.
Thera Lance Sep 2019
Don’t walk into the shadows, for they are too deep.
You might slip through the floor and into the sea
Where the Golden King now lies,
Watching the end go on by.

As around us spun the star-filled void,
I spoke to a man whose own fate he avoids
By standing outside of the Garden’s gate
And leaving us all to our ill-bound fate.

Together we watched the world that existed below
Slowly turn to the end we all know
That dwells deep within the sun,
An all-consuming fire that no ship can outrun.

Our souls are tied to the light of the moon,
Because the sun swallowed the world too soon,
And left the oceans baked red
And burnt everything green to black and dead.

On top of the sea in that star-filled void,
The King watched as humanity was surely destroyed.
Inch by inch, they fought to not give
To the bubbling sun that ate all of its terrestrial kin.

With a cruel, unholy smile
He turned to me after a long while,
And asked if this death was truly my fate
Or if I wanted his power to tear down God’s Gate.

On top of the world and at the end of it all,
I met a golden King who was the creation of Gods and the heir to their fall.
Neither of us could help it when I took his hand
And, with what was left of the world, made our last stand.
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