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Yuchu May 2020
I shoved the absurdity into the woodpile
The fire was crackling and raging
Licking the bottom of the *** that is already worn
Demons and ghosts and phantoms of people who went crazy are dancing inside
Why are you moving it, how tiring!
The cat in the room asked
Why don't you join us, how stupid!
Red ***** on the chopping board asked
No, I said, no
I used ridiculousness to pile firewood higher
The fire will not go out in nine hundred and ninety-one days
I'm going to use this fire to cook, bathe and change clothes
When reality is more absurd than even magical realism stories...
hybridstorm May 2020
Try, try, try,
till you exhaust yourself.
And when you think you are tired,
try again.
Keep trying. Be patient. Realize the soft and serene and the hard and chaotic around you. Stay inquisitive. Stay loud.
Andrew Crawford Apr 2020
Weathering the desert storm
pouring forth sand sharp as glass;
skin torn and muscles cut by countless thorns,
each one a mark left keeping score.
A violently dehydrated form
staggering in search of water’s shore
emerges from the static-
dry eyes sore, could have sworn...
but it was just mirage, playing waves of warmth,
dancing heat eating me like a carnivore,
bleaching bones below the sun to their very core
and yet I will walk until I can’t anymore;
searching for what I adore, knowing Ive seen and felt relieved by rain before,
towing my weight, dragging ever onward toward-
though corpse and carrion I am, the pain I must ignore;
each drop of sweat a loss I can’t afford.
blazing soul Mar 2020
Tears so subliminal that it quenches the scorching  radiation of the sun, that it watereth the most dreary of deserts..
Tears taken from the very ocean of life,
Ocean which is the event horizon of ships..
Ships whose propellers are naught but two elements, with the given names pleasure and fear..  
Two elements driven the ship thither and whither but to the nigh end..
End which is determined yet not determined, an interim end which transient into phases..
Transient between phases..
Dog Years Jan 2020
A light soft flutter
Faithfully carried a moth
Intent on escape

She flew quite softly
Through the light and to the moon
Left the world behind

Flying by and by
Only to see what awaits
Across the night sky
K C Sikat Nov 2019
Fragile, you say?
And that may partly be true,
but defenseless? I am not.
Weak? Possibly—
Scared? Definetely.
Even so, my body will try—
I will try—
everything pushes so I could be alive,
every single cell
wants me alive,
people that love me
want me alive...
I want to stay alive.
So as you hammer at my shield
and twist my thoughts cruely,
just know that I am not defenseless—
and I might give in,
but not without a fighting chance.

I will try until the very last second
because the only person wants this
is you.
I read somewhere that your body tries to keep you alive until it aboslutely can’t do anything to save you, and that inspired me.
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