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stopdoopy Apr 15
How do I convey how much I appreciate you?
Always by my side and ruthless
To me
Honest and kind
Tell me my folly
My dear with those strong words and determined eyes
I am in your debt for the company you have bestowed upon me
Cait-Cait is the greatest friend one could ask for, and is a treasure.

Also unrelated but "In Hell I'll Be In Good Company" by The Dead South is a bop.
Amaris Oct 2018
reflecting back, yesterday was all gray
like the three days before
when you fall, the trick is in getting back up
even when you don't know what for
when you wake, bruised, bleeding and feeling
the weight of every haunting thought
fight through them and emerge on the other side
don't surrender and let yourself be caught
Spitz Oct 2018
Life is the turn of events,
the winding of your path.
Life is the fear in your mind,
the love in your heart.
Life is the troubles you see,
the elation you hear.
Life is the mistakes you witness,
the forks in your road.
Life is the happiness you undergo,
the excitement you experience.
Life is having the guts to try,
the determination to get it right,
and the perseverance to keep going.
Piyush Gahlot Oct 2018
Just enough moments for myself.
Not too much that I feel lonely,
Not too less that I couldn't
couldn't do the things I crave,
Couldn't play that guitar,
Or couldn't watch that series I love,
That I start losing myself.

not too much that I tend to be lonely,
Tend to overthink things that ain't
in control,
Tend to miss that ex that cheated on me,
That I have no one to share my feelings.
That I couldn't sleep .

Yeah I need it ,
Not too less,
Not too much,
Just enough to satisfy my lust.
Me time : your own time for yourself.
Realise it's importance.!!
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
You got to find a way to survive
'Cause they win when your soul dies
RIP to one of the greatest rappers that ever lived, Tupac.
I stopped listening to rap music years ago, but Tupac....Tupac's the exception.
He truly was a poet with his message and music; his voice ITSELF was music.
He empowered without denouncing, he spoke about many topics.
And for that, he will always have my respect.
He's what I call a musician.
Granted, he swore, he made his mistakes but he was ahead of his time.
He was wise, he was fierce, he was so confident.
He was a solider.
'Baby, Don't Cry' will forever be in my heart, and these two lines ALONE spoke volumes to me. It still does...
I'm sorry for not being as active. My headache's gotten worse...
But indeed, in life, you need to survive. If you give up, your enemies wins and your soul dies in the process.
Be back soon!
Lyn ***

Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) lyrics © BMG Rights Management US, LLC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
They buried on my dreams
But from the sands of your bones
They will rise again
Stomping on my goals just because you see that I will excel in it?
You can't **** or bury my dreams.
Lyn ***
sara Jul 2018
I wipe marker off the board, and
I have a painful tendency of quickly growing bored.
I can't erase the ink-spots lingering
in high-up corners;
to spare the self-defeat, I teach myself how to ignore them.

Ignore the marks, and stains, and pains
pretend I'm wiped clean, all the same
with little left to lose or gain:
I leave them; growth is self-restraint.

Perfection is a non-existent notion,
so they say;
yet, unobtainability is all I can create.
For in my mind, these false ideals make tame desires stray,
and self-destructive pleasure is my antidote to pain.

I think I'm like a little plant
of stunted growth, just seeds to start,
my plantpot made from breaking hearts:
before I grow, I say I can't.
Before we accept something we must first wholeheartedly reject it.
like England winning the world cup lol

Joking, I just use humor to mask my emotions x
They criticize her and make her hate the moment
Her dignity and pride is stolen
They break her stance and potent
She does succumb the omen
They offer her zero condolence
They laugh and mock and curse her
They call her *******
They call her a ****
and other names of such
They drain her to danger red
They call her witch and theft
They make her hate herself
She scurf her face and wept
She cry herself to sleep at night;
Hoping that things would change
She 'd told herself that things 'd be right;
One day my pain and scar would fade
and if she would never fly
She said " I’d rather die"
She strive to reframe her picture
Her heart and soul is injured
She strive to reframe her name
So she 'll overcome her shame
Now the path to succeed is open
She's out the heat of oven
She smiles behind her rolex
Her foes is rendered goalless
Her shame has turned to fame
And her life is not the same
Her haters now adore and love her
Now none of them can stop her
Their hate and game and hurt
is the reason for what she'd turn
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Be patient, persevere and
all obstacles disappear.
If theres a wall, ram through and climb over it.
No matter what, there is nothing you cannot do!

Be back soon!
Lyn ***
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