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Hashim ZK  Jan 2015
Hashim ZK Jan 2015

Let me thrive
In the flames of my unrivaled passion,
Lest I perish in the void of remorse.
Let me die in my journey if I must,
For I may die a thousand deaths if I should surrender!

AP Beckstead Oct 2013

What is freedom?
Freedom is the ability to choose for yourself.
Freedom is a choice between what is,
and what can be.
Freedom is empowering others to love themselves.

What is your government?
Who are these impostors who speak about the need to breath,
but won’t let us?
Who fights for freedom and equality?
No one.
These men fight against us for the slice of a pie,
lining their pockets as kids in Africa die.
The people shouldn't fear their government,
the government should fear its people.

What is the value of a dollar?
Is it the freedom to eat?
Or the cement wrapped tight around your feet,
water forced between your teeth?
Who is freer?
The Baker Boy?
Scraping by on a dime?
Or old man flush with pedigree?
Drunk with greed and the taste of fine wine?
Freedom is being faced with two equally infallible truths,
and choosing deftly between the two,
which sounds better to you?

Who is freer?
Those who choose to drop f-bombs on stage,
or those who drop bombs of wisdom in its place?
Don’t be discouraged when the one locked down is you,
when the wicked wage war in your home terrain,
when you struggle back and forth,
with the pain of being raised a Jew.

Who decides your fate?
Who decides your fate when your rent is late?
Who decides your fate when you discover your son is gay?
Who decides your fate when the crest falls flat?
Who decides your fate when the tumor is malignant?
Who decides your fate when your sutures fall out?
Who decides your fate when you find you've lost your way?
Who decides your fate when the embers die down?
Who decides your fate when sorrow silently drips across your face?
Who decides your fate when the voices inside your head can’t seem to agree?
your life is yours to create.

What bars our freedom?
And most importantly of all,

Fear is no friend of freedom,
Antithesis to the dream.
Fear is a struggling shadow,
Cast behind us as we gleam.
Darkness exists through the brightness of the sun.
Our predisposition isn't for failure,
But bursting forth grasping for freedom’s sake.
Don’t settle for sickly shadows,
Accept only warm smiles between friends at the end of the day.

Do you hear that?
That’s the sound of freedom,
The march of liberty.
Fear isn't the courage to stand up for a friend,
Fear isn't the strength to share what you believe in,
Fear isn't holding a friends hand when they've lost their sight,
Fear isn't within a friend’s victory finding only delight,
But freedom is!

A.P. Beckstead (2013)
Amelia Crake Jan 2015

I'm so fucking ready
For whatever this year
Is gonna throw in my face.

PoETE Jun 2015

Thinking exotic, and setting goals, is so erotic......

Setting goals & raising bars

Written by
{2000 ~~ 2015}
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
Axion Prelude Jun 2014

you are the reason and I am the cause
together existing as a single tangible flaw
staring down fate with our hearts entwined
a bitter feud of passionate irrationality showing all the signs
adorned with a conscious need to seek more with time

no time left, the clock strikes midnight
and we go, we go; we keep going on
bringing our hands closer to what we want
pushing through unto dawn with this plight

solidarity benefits the purpose of why
separating all the words between meanings aligned
defining reason alone with blank canvas minds
ready and willing to satiate this place in space and time
decimating indecision with open eyes

combined efforts sought through curiosity
the blank pages wired down with what we know
but what we want has forsaken us without a means to write it all down
carried away with doubt and fear of being burned from the bright sun
still whispering lullabies that help us both stay in the fight

this helpless inspiration is determined by the stronger voice
I wont rest until I reverberate every breath of ours by choice
solemn hours of sleepless nights breaking the lines
between life and love and a scarred heart desperate to redefine
shores lie dormant, ready to drown us under its persistence

every provocation and implication suffers from empty lies
deceiving ourselves, trying to forget the lifetime of pain
deliverance lost in the darkness, seeking to make things right
and I just want to be the one to show you the light

Samuel Oct 2012

if you cut me open
you would hear music

Alright it's fine don't believe in me
Don't encourage me
Say it's stupid

My dream is mine
I will chase it
I will live it

I'm determined.

Nameless Wonder Dec 2015

I know I'm weak,
yes, I am stupid
and I agree with you,"I should just give up".

But buddy,
I ain't giving up,
I don't care about your words,
I have a goal,
I'm locked onto a vision-
whether it is 6 years away or 1 month away,
I will reach my goal.

So save your words,
for the weak and stupid :
because your words go
into one ear
the other.

Just to all those people who tried to break me down.
Pamela Rae  May 2014
Pamela Rae May 2014

Though there are some who do not believe in me, I believe in me.

Though there are some who would have me fail, I will refuse to fail.

Though there are some who would seek to stifle me, to hold me back, I will not be held.

Though there are some who think me a fool, I will simply prove that I am far wiser than they could have imagined.

Though there are some who look down upon me, who think me lesser, I will prove my worth in due time.

Though there are some who cannot understand what makes me tick, what makes me the way I am--I will always know and smile from within--

For though there are some who truly are wiser, better, stronger, richer--there are none who are ME and none who will ever force me to be anyone but who I truly want to BE.

Written to reassure myself in rough times.  (And perhaps to make sure those who don't believe in me know that all that really matters is that I believe in me!) ;)

No response/
similar to team DuPont/
thoughts racing in,

out            nonchalant/

not a nervousness
more like a idiot servant/
thoughts materialized from font/

in front of my face/
nothing in all matters
I had to confront space/

to be determined/

they say

it wasn't  working/
but I was working
At least it seems
for the moment/

give me your time
guaranteed to own it/

loan it

you'll get interest back
on the growth end/
un expect the unexpected/
on further inspection
Couldn't understand
how it was not detected/

perplex when
I didn't get what I didn't get
happy to know now
ignorance is bliss/
From a uncertain doubted mess
To a confident arrogance/
Wondering how could they miss/
So I  carry on
Like the one baggage you get/

When boarding a flight/
I'm about to take off/
I've payed the cost/
Y'all taking it lightly
But I'm the dark horse!

Natasha Twinkle Jan 2011

I thought I knew just what I wanted,
Before I moved away.
I wanted a tall and handsome man,
By my side, every day.

Now across the country,
Is the one I care about.
I hope so desperately,
That time does not run out.

This boy is not the type,
I’ve had in my head for years,
But he’s the one who takes away,
All my silly fears.

The test will come,
In the future one day.
When we are together,
Yet old and gray.

The lust, the passion,
May run dry,
But still there will be,
No reason to cry.

At that point in life,
Many couples will quit.
They will argue and fight,
And eventually split.

But me and my man,
Many miles away,
Will look at each other,
And I will then say,

"Although it is gone,
The passion and lust,
I know we are leftover,
With true love and trust."

MST  Feb 2014
MST Feb 2014

I stand above a child,
looking down upon his actions,
but he only looked and smiled,
as I am only one of his distractions.
He keeps his eyes set forward,
without looking back,
his view never altered,
always staying on track.
I look at him as just a stepping stone,
someone to pivot myself until I've won,
but if I wasn't there he wouldn't have known,
for in his mind, he was already done.

But now it has passed,
And that time is wrong.
For another 24 hours,
For just a single minute of being right,
22:34 lives the other 23 hours and 59 minutes being wrong.
It's admirable,
So determined, that for just a few moments,
Everyone will agree,
22:34 is willing to spend the majority of its life,
Accepting to be unaccepted,
For a brief period of acceptance.
So spare a thought for 22:34,
And for those who try so hard to be right,
That they are fully willing to be wrong.

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