Pamela Rae  May 2014
Pamela Rae May 2014

Though there are some who do not believe in me, I believe in me.

Though there are some who would have me fail, I will refuse to fail.

Though there are some who would seek to stifle me, to hold me back, I will not be held.

Though there are some who think me a fool, I will simply prove that I am far wiser than they could have imagined.

Though there are some who look down upon me, who think me lesser, I will prove my worth in due time.

Though there are some who cannot understand what makes me tick, what makes me the way I am--I will always know and smile from within--

For though there are some who truly are wiser, better, stronger, richer--there are none who are ME and none who will ever force me to be anyone but who I truly want to BE.

Written to reassure myself in rough times.  (And perhaps to make sure those who don't believe in me know that all that really matters is that I believe in me!) ;)
Fay Slimm  Oct 2016
Fay Slimm Oct 2016

Shaking a fist at what wishes her harm
calmly facing
her fears of troubled alarm,
she fishes,
heart deep, when a drama,
which threatens to flood her with tears,
and she nets a spirited soul.

To arise erect when she is thrown down,
at starting all over again,
she brushes away any secret pain
of humiliation,
not laying the blame at any one door.

The spirit she shows frees a quite selfless
soul-action, reflecting
a generous heart
that life will not easily snatch from her
gritty Joan-of-Arc,
resolute ardour for tackling trouble
at root
with lighthearted humour.

How astutely
she learns to laugh with, and not at,
the way to beauty, she knows,
will never be helped
by ignoring need for spirited health.

Hashim ZK  Jan 2015
Hashim ZK Jan 2015

Let me thrive
In the flames of my unrivaled passion,
Lest I perish in the void of remorse.
Let me die in my journey if I must,
For I may die a thousand deaths if I should surrender!

Nameless Wonder Dec 2015

I know I'm weak,
yes, I am stupid
and I agree with you,"I should just give up".

But buddy,
I ain't giving up,
I don't care about your words,
I have a goal,
I'm locked onto a vision-
whether it is 6 years away or 1 month away,
I will reach my goal.

So save your words,
for the weak and stupid :
because your words go
into one ear
the other.

Just to all those people who tried to break me down.
Jeffrey Pua Jan 26

     Hope is active, it is a verb more than a noun. I cannot let it be defined by the weight or the length of wait, for patience is another thing. My hope is mobile, nomadic, hard-headed, went astray and was lost, but now is marching straight ahead, focused, headed towards your direction.

     If I have to settle in the uncertainty, allow in wilderness of time, just to find my self writing these silly love poems, then I'd rather live among the tents around your heart. I will stand by and for it and vow to guard. Shall I be doomed to be the fasting wolf that fends the other wolves away, then so be it. My heart will be yours as your secondary shield.

     I am persistence and I am endurance, because they have to go hand in hand, I cannot forsake one over the other, nor lose them both. I am an old train, diligent, opening all doors for one. I am a platform, wide, immovable, a place you can always stand on. And out of thousands and thousands of passengers, I am making up ny mind, you are the one I choose.

     You are the one I would wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and (for the 7th time, for in the Bible 7 means completion) wait for, and pray for and gladly fight for, for you are worth it, all of it.

          Love perseveres.

© 2017 J.S.P.

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